Friday, September 07, 2007

China's At It Again

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Chinese arms have been recovered after attacks on British and American troops by Afghan insurgents. Hyscience says this is nothing new, and give some very interesting background:

And wouldn't you just know it, according to an intelligence report back in 2002, China and our "friend" (sic) Musharrif's ISI intelligence service actually collaborated in training the Taliban prior to 9-11. In that same year, evidence of Chinese military backing for the Taliban surfaced when U.S. Army Special Forces troops discovered 30 HN-5s, the designation for Chinese-made SA-7s surface-to-air missiles, in southeastern Afghanistan.

By the way, let's not forget to through Russian and Iran into the mix of terrorist supporting nations and problem initiators for the U.S.

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Here's the story on the UK:

At a meeting held recently at the Chinese foreign ministry in Beijing, a British official expressed the UK's growing concern about the incidents.

When asked about the latest British concerns, the Chinese foreign ministry referred back to a statement made by their spokesman Qin Gang in July who said China's arms exports were carried out "in strict accordance with our law and our international obligations".

For their part, the Taleban have recently begun boasting that they have now got hold of much more sophisticated weaponry although they refused to say from where.

Afghan officials have also privately confirmed to the BBC that sophisticated Chinese weapons are now in the hands of the Taleban. (BBC)

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  1. "in strict accordance with our law and our international obligations"

    Well... as long as they are supporting terrorism in accordance with their communist laws... I guess that's OK! :-D