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Arrest made in Canadian letter bomb terror plot -- UPDATED -- US and foreign connections

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UPDATE: Adel Mohamed Arnaout was "carrying very unstable explosives in amounts far in excess and much more lethal than contained within the letter bombs. The victims were not chosen at random, but the motives are not being released at this time. Arnaout worked "as a security guard for a Toronto based security firm." Neighbors noticed "a lot of vehicular traffic by vehicles with license plates from various U.S. states" at the bunker house where "between 20-30 people lived." All this information based on investigations by Judy McLeod of Canada Free Press and Douglas J. Hagmann of Northeast Intelligence Network, article here.

"I have seen two or three men talking on satellite phones. I know what they look like, I've used one before." This source added: "I know there are computers on constantly, and there are a lot of deliveries made to the house by private carriers like DHL and other private concerns. [snip]

"There have been many vehicles with license plates from New York, Ohio, Michigan, all from the United States coming and going to and from the house," stated the third resident interviewed. I've seen men dressed in full Muslim attire coming from the U.S., staying for short periods, then leaving. Sometimes, three or four men would arrive, and only one or two would leave." This source also stated that he has heard that "some of the men have connections to mosques in Buffalo and Lackawanna in the U.S. and Mississauga in Ontario. I don't have any way to verify this, but I've been told by others in the area."

According to the two police officials who have provided information, Canadian officials are investigating possible connections to at least three overseas countries, including Lebanon, Pakistan and Egypt. While our police sources declined to comment on any possible connections to Hezbollah, they both noted that a "decisive majority" of Muslims appear to support Hezbollah as evidenced by recent anti-Israeli rallies tacitly sanctioned by Canada's political system. (more Canada Free press)

The original complaints and victims:

Harassment & letter-bomb victims

# June 2007: SCOTT, Steven; Toronto, Ontario [Harassment]
# 11 August 2007: RADI, Abdel Magid Radi: Victoria Park and Lawrence Ave. E. area, Scarborough, Ontario [Letter bomb -- with injury]
# 19 August 2007: REIBER, Terrence: Yonge St.-Sheppard Ave. area Real Estate lawyer, Toronto, Ontario [Letter bomb]
# 22 August 2007: BECKER, JOHN: Self-Employed contractor, Guelph, Ontario [Letter bomb]

***--end UPDATE---***

Yesterday Adel Mohamed Arnaout was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder, three counts of intending to cause an explosion, one count of criminal harassment and one count of possession of explosive material. Three IED's were sent to persons in Toronto and Guelph, and three were found in the trunk of a rental car. They contained a petroleum-type explosive. (The Star)

The house where the terrorist lived is very interesting. Read this and tell me what YOU would do if this house were in your neighborhood:

Guelph "That's definitely a strange house," said Ashley Hinds, who lives nearby.

"Most of the residents have a nickname for it, `Bombay Bunker.' It wasn't because of the families, it was because of the brick extensions and the double steel doors in the front, the tiny peep windows with mesh lining.

"Everyone thought something unusual was always happening there, because people came and went all the time. The illegal extensions were reported to authorities, but nothing was done."

Neighbour Sue Hammond said the house, with two gaping open windows and surrounded by construction debris, "was conspicuous because of the way that the front was built.

"When the doors are shut and the gates are shut, it looks like a fortress compared to the homes around it."

Karrie Peterbaugh, another neighbour, said "There were so many people in and out of that place, it was really hard to keep track. (more hat tip National Terror Alert)

Key statement in the above report, the house was reported to authorities and nothing was done. A reinforced house, double steel doors, tiny peep hole windows. And none of the authorities were concerned???

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