Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Al-Qaeda Busted in Denmark

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Denmark arrests eight al-Qaeda members with explosives in their possession, -- "several of the suspects had created an unstable explosive in a densely populated housing area,..." (AFP) The terrorists had "backgrounds from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Turkey, and six of them held Danish citizenship."

The director general of the Danish intelligence service PET, Jakob Scharf, said the arrests near Copenhagen had "prevented a terrorist attack."

"We would describe the main suspects as militant Islamists with international contacts, including leading members of Al-Qaeda," Scharf told a press conference.

Scharf would not disclose any information about the possible target of the planned attack, but said there was "no direct link" to Denmark's military involvement in Iraq or Afghanistan.

There was no connection either to the Prophet Mohammed cartoons that were printed in a Danish newspaper in September 2005 and sparked angry Muslim protests around the world, he said.

PET said the eight were "suspected of preparing a terrorist act with the use of explosives." [snip]

The eight suspects, aged 19 to 28, were of foreign backgrounds from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Turkey, and six of them held Danish citizenship, Scharf said. [snip]

Scharf recalled that the West faced a general terrorist threat.

Were these eight terrorists Christians? Buddhist? Jewish? Mormon? Hindu? Nooooo.

From the Strata-Sphere:

al-Qaeda is going to come after the west, win or lose in Iraq. That is evidenced by the number of attacks we in the West keep foiling. [snip]

If we seriously cripple al-Qaeda in Iraq, making them a outcast from Muslim society as they are now in Iraq, their ability to hit us will be greatly reduced because they will not have a safe haven from which to plan and plot from. The last thing we need to do right now is hand over Iraq to al-Qaeda so they can leverage all their resources and people, multiplying their effectiveness to attack us. Remember, they want us to retaliate and kill them and their fellow Muslims. That is their path to heaven. We cannot deter these people - we must annihilate them.

I agree completely. Gateway Pundit has pictures. Also reporting Doctor Bulldog, Ordovicious, Thoughts of a Technocrat, Captain's Quarters, and Take Our Country Back who says:

Why isn't this in the Lame Stream Media and why do we in The New Media ALWAYS have to bring items like this into the fore to get the Lame Stream to do their jobs? Aren't they PAID professionals or what?
Islamist Website Hosted in Minnesota Calls for Suicide Operations in Denmark

On August 31, 2007, the Islamist website, hosted by SiteGenie LLC in Rochester, Minnesota, posted a document calling for "martyrdom [i.e., suicide] operations" in Denmark. The author, who identified himself as a member of Al-Qaeda, urged the Muslims not to forget the incident of the Danish cartoons, and promised the people of Denmark that the "brigades of martyrdom seekers are on their way... and will soon carry out blessed operations" in their country. He called on the Muslims to register on the site as candidates for these suicide operations.

Many of these terror websites are hosted here in the United States. Internet Haganah keeps track of many of them.

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  1. I have commented on both of these issues earlier, but I think now that I may have been a bit premature in saying that Al-Qaeda, et al, were reduced to using inexperienced amateurs -- like the two who were arrested for speeding in South Carolina. Unfortunately, it seems they still have a pool of dangerous and well-trained jihadis to draw from.

    But then, it also seems that more and more European countries are beginning to wake up and are working together to make some of these terrific arrests.

    Maybe, just maybe, the Europeans are starting to turn away from their PC-blinded policies of concessions and appeasements and finally beginning to get serious.
    We can only hope so.