Monday, July 16, 2007

Fighting Fire with Fire: A Call To Action

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The left is banding together on a call to action of sorts and for once, I am going to agree with them and encourage the Right to join in and let OUR voices and OUR message be heard to counter the voices of the Retreat in Defeat Crowd.

Never let it be said, I didn't agree, once in a while, with an idea from a liberal rag.

If you agree, call Sen. Harry Reid today: he can be reached at 202-224-3542 in DC and 702-388-5020 in Nevada. For reasons why this is important, see here. Or you can use the following toll-free numbers (H/T to katymine for these):

1 (800) 828 - 0498
1 (800) 459 - 1887
1 (800) 614 - 2803
1 (866) 340 - 9281
1 (866) 338 - 1015
1 (877) 851 - 6437

Lets counter those hateful voices that have but one wish: To force America to surrender with our wish: To achieve Victory and to let General Petraeus continue with the amazing success he and our troops have been achieving over the last month.

Still here? Come on!!!! Pick up that phone and start dialing. Keep dialing. Don't let up.

Harry "Bagdad" Reid wants an all night session? Lets give him one.

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  1. Good one, go Vets for Freedom!

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    confuse your military

    stop your soldiers from winning
    but get your votes when you can