Friday, December 29, 2006

Nominate a Blogger for a Halo

The “Blogger’s Halo Award” WILL go to the blogger who has not only created a vital up-to-the minute blog with a sizable readership and dedication to excellence, but this blogger would have gone way beyond the call of duty by demonstrating a selfless commitment to help other bloggers solve their blogging problems.

Nominate your favorite Blogger Saint today

1. Link to this post in your blog.
2. Leave a comment here that describes (in about one paragraph) why you think your favorite blog should receive a Halo. You may leave an anonymous comment if you like. (This is the honor system, so don’t nominate your own blog).
3. Return to this blog next weekend (after the 1st of the year) to vote on the finalists.

Note: You may nominate more than one blog, but follow the above directions with each nomination. Limit your nominations to one blog a day.

Read yesterday’s post The Blogger’s Halo Award 2006

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  1. I am personally making two nominations. My first nomination is Butch at 123Beta. I know that Butch has helped numerous new bloggers, especially those you use Blogspot/Blogger. He takes time out of his own busy work/personal/and blogging days to answer in detail any questions others may have. Some bloggers forget what it is like being new, having no blogging or technical experience. But Butch isn't like that. Even though he is a Playful Primate in the Echosystem, he never has the big head. I count him a good friend.

    My second nomination is Chad from In the Bullpen. Chad is always open to helping new bloggers and is willing to open up his blog and let others post. Chad uses WordPress and is knowledgeable in other platforms. He has given many bloggers a start, a voice at In the Bullpen, and started them on their way. I know, because Chad gave me my start. Chad and Butch are both valued friends. I'm happy to nominate them both for the Halo Award.

  2. debbie

    Thank you for your two nominations. It looks like this is already a tight race. BTW, I left a comment for you on your blog and it only took me 7 tries to get Typekey verified. Seems that my monitor is too old to view it property. Any suggestions?

  3. Let me follow Debbie's lead and put in a vote for Butch 123Beta ( as well. He helped me get started and takes time answer my silly questions.

    Also, let me nominate Debbie's Right Truth ( She is becoming my news source and works hard at staying current. For me, she is the hardest working blogger going.

  4. Mushy

    Thanks for your nominations. Now it's getting more interesting!

  5. Faultline,

    I too have two bloggers/friends I'd like to nominate...

    My first nomination goes to Debbie of Right Truth

    Debbie has helped me many times...especially with graphics. She's a wiz at it!

    Debbie created the Samantha Burns Halloween Open trackback pic and graciously 'corrected' my goofy blogadswap graphic. Among others... Heck she even sent me the software to install on my own computer! And she paid for the postage!!! Oh, and yeah, she has a really good blog to boot. That's where I get a lot of the breaking news. I visit her site 4, 5 or six times a day.

    Thanks Debbie.

    My other nomination is for Lost...In Lima, Ohio

    Otherwise known as: Lilo.

    Besides providing really funny posts at Sam's site and my email inbox she has helped my site look and function so much better. She is the one responsible for the 123beta logo as it appears in your browser's identification. And the one who took the time from her busy day to change my template so that certain images are viewed in a larger tab.

    Lost...In Lima, Ohio is a true-crime blog. She was THE first site to show the pictures of 'Katies Revenge'. And I mean the first among ALL news sites!

    She is SO honest, I trust her with my login and password.

    So, there you have it.

    Both are equally deserving.

    I consider both long-term friends that I can rely on.

  6. Butch:

    Thanks for your nominations. We are getting some real competition now!

  7. What a great idea! Three bloggers spring to mind: For me, THE standout has been Diane, of Diane's Stuff, Dead Guy on the Sidebar and just recently (Saturday, in fact) The Trouble With Angels. Basil (Basil's Blog) of the famed Basil's Haloscan/Blogger Hack and other helpful goodies for bloggers on various platforms and Harvey of Bad Example have also been standout examples of those who have been exceptionally helpful to many folks.

  8. This is just a reminder to anyone before leaving comments to read and follow the three simple rules before posting your nominations here.

    Looks like it's getting exciting!

  9. If I'm not to late I'd like to nominate Adam of Adam's blog.

    He is a great guy, though he supports amnesty! Arghhh! Seriously though, he now runs the linkfest dealies and he is very supportive of younger bloggers. An all around good guy.

  10. Hi Jake:

    No problem. Will be taking nominations through Friday!

  11. Hi Faultline! I think what you are doing is great and so many people are so deserving. However I have broken it down to four people I would like to nominate.

    1) Bernie over at Planck's Conststant because if it were not for Bernie I would have NEVER been able to recover so much of my hacked blog "Freedom Watch" - which when hacked by liberals I lost everything, even on the server. I took four months off blogging to recover the upset and it was not fun, I was miserable. But here came Bernie when I began my new blog to let me know HE FOUND MY ARCHIVES of Freedom Watch on WayBack Machine. I would never have known it even existed if it were not for Bernie. Now because of him I have my archives on my blog that I was able to upload via PDF so people can read them. Bernie is just the BEST!!! He saved my bruised soul.

    2) Angel at Woman Honor Thyself Angel is not only an Angel she is one of the most prolific writers out here. She is dedicated to writing on Islamofascism, stopping the ACLU, the war in Iraq and so much more. She has always been so sweet and kind to me-there is hardly a day that goes by that she does not take the time to leave a comment at my blog. A real ANGEL!

    3) Butch from 123beta because as long as I have known him he has always been honest and straightforward and just one of the most thoughtful guys out here. He is most definately one of the most dedicated bloggers I know.

    4) Debbie at Right Truth - she is one of the most dedicated I know also. She has been so encouraging to me and always has a kind word.

  12. Sorry that should be Planck's Constant on #1

  13. Layla:

    Thanks for your three great nominations. This is going to be fun!

  14. Hi Faultline...

    Have been away from my computer for a bit and am trying to catch up!

    I would like to cast my vote for Wake Up America. Spree and HCdl have done an excellent job in keeping us updated with the FACTS and have been unwavering in their support of our service men and women. They even temper their posts with wonderful humor when we seem to need it most.

    I would also like to thank you and all the great bloggers out there! Together we can defintely make a difference.

  15. One Country voice:

    So glad that you are back at your computer and ready to make the New Year count! Thanks for your excellent nominations.