Monday, October 01, 2018


                                  CRUCIFIXION OF BRETT KAVANAUGH

By Mark Davis, MD Journalist, Author, Media Advisor and Science Tutor

One more time in history a crucifixion of a righteous man is occurring for all the World to see. Brett Kavanaugh has been set upon by numerous demons, we call Democrats, to side tract his rightfully earned ascendency to the Supreme Court. In the final hours of the nominating process an incendiary bomb was thrown into the mix by the devil’s helpers themselves. Senator Diane Feinstein received notification from a person claiming to have been sexually abused by Judge Kavanaugh 36 years ago. Under psycho therapy Dr. Ford recalled painful moments of a sexual assault, during her high school years, who she believes was caused by Brett Kavanaugh. Though she claims others in the room that night visualized the assault all of her so-called witnesses either deny being in such a place or do not recall the event. Without corroborating evidence Dr. Ford contacted Senator Feinstein who sat on this information until the very last moment. Why? Because all other efforts to block Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination failed. Once Feinstein leaked Dr. Ford’s communication more concocted abuse stories emerged against Judge Kavanaugh. None of these revelations came with corroborating evidence.

Dr. Christine Ford’s well-rehearsed testimony before Congress failed the smell test. As further information leaked out a multitude of nontruths are being attributed to her. These include but are not limited to claustrophobia which keeps her from flying, not true. Her friends will not confirm her story, though she stated they would. When asked who is funding all aspects of her assault on Judge Kavanaugh she noticeably hesitated providing quasi answers to that question. We now know her lawyers and other political operatives are providing the funding. Worse she cannot remember exactly where the potential sexual attack took place nor the day, date, time, address and who brought her to the location in question. In plain speech the accuser can remember who attacked her in a vivid manner yet no other facts around it. Either Dr. Ford is a pawn in this inquisition of Judge Kavanaugh or a willing participant who has ulterior motives for coming up with her concocted story 36 years after the fact, if indeed the action so describe occurred.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is undergoing a present-day crucifixion, by some of the nastiest people in the Senate. None of these demons could hold up under the scrutiny given him. Our Great President nominated Judge Kavanaugh after he was reviewed and approved by numerous legal groups, who gave him sterling ratings. Sadly, the circus inflicted on Judge Kavanaugh is not over. A seventh FBI review is underway. Maryland authorities have indicated they would review all materials generated by the FBI and others if Dr. Ford swears out criminal warrant for actions her mind perceived happened. This could be the ace the Democrats are holding back for the last minute. No matter what the outcome a righteous man has been tarnished for eternity. May God condemn all those who brought this horrible action against Brett Kavanaugh and bless those who tried to soften its impact on him and his family.

Mark Davis, MD: Author, Media Advisor, Science Tutor and Journalist

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