Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Lawyers Kill the Practice of Medicine

Lawyers Negative affects on the Practice of Medicine
This is part of an exchange I had with a radio host on LinkedIn.

Medical Societies and the AMA, as they collectively stand today, are impotent. The Maryland Medical Society is managed by a lawyer. The chief of the Maryland Board of Physicians is a lawyer. These people and many others across the country have undermined the practice of medicine in a way I cannot express in words. As a frequent guest on radio programs for an array of issues I have raised the problems lawyers inflict on the practice of medicine and other areas that are torn up by them. This is exemplified in the legislation that became Obamacare. From the time of its inception on or about March 2010 the quality of medical care in America has fallen to an all time low. Depression and suicides amongst physicians have skyrocketed. I have seen several suicides first hand. Perhaps in the future we can debate this subject. Mainstream media is too busy with frivolous issues. Thanks

Mark Davis MD

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