Thursday, September 14, 2017

When ET did not Phone Home: A Speculative Assessment of UFOs and ETs

When ET did not Phone Home: A Speculative Assessment of UFOs and ETs

After viewing nearly 100 videos on YouTube professing Extraterrestrials exist perhaps this phenomena has legs. Assuming 90% are fraudulent that leaves 10% with a high level of credibility. These short films display the existence of structures on the Moon and Mars which cannot be explained away by the obsessive silence of NASA. Equally as fascinating are views of space craft that move and maneuver at speeds far beyond anything current Earth technology can produce. Perhaps ET has moved into our solar system.

Advanced sentient beings would have little need for direct contact with humanity, a lesser race to themselves. This may explain why encounters with them are extremely limited. Any race of beings with interstellar capabilities would have found answers to questions we have not thought up yet. Perhaps thousands if not millions of years ahead of us in technology and social dynamics they may view us as we view microbes. There is a belief that first contact has already occurred. In exchange for humans remaining off the moon our technological prowess appears to have been given a jump start. High tech phones, panel televisions, advanced medical devices and even the gift of longevity may have had their origins from off world sources. In recent times scientists have begun questioning the speed of light travel limit, a subject no one would have questioned a few decades ago. The basis for scientists’ inquisitive undertakings may be from observations of ETs’ ability to move through our solar system at unimaginable speeds.

Extra solar civilizations, who came age millennia ago, may have achieved exponentially more than any science fiction writer could ever imagine. Laws of physics and biology would have little meaning to such advanced beings. Disease, aging, death and other frailties of humanity may have been vanquished by them long before man crawled out of ancient cesspools. Beyond technology man’s inhumanity to man would most likely be foreign to these alien cultures. Perhaps their objective in coming to Earth and its nearby neighbors is to observe a low grade civilization attempting to overcome its own barbarity and savagery. In the event that World governments have knowledge of such beings they are duty bound to inform their populations with full disclosure. Social impact of this realization would work itself out as time moved into the future.  The only question left is: Will ET stick around after full disclosure or phone home for a lift.

Mark Davis MD

Science and Health Consultant, Mentor to Physicians,

Author, Journalist and Radio Commentator

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