Friday, February 05, 2016

New Jersey Continues to Lead in America's Race to the Bottom

In addition to the massive unfunded liabilities New Jerseyans face for their lavish government employee retirement programs New Jerseyans are now faced with the prospect of a bankrupt Atlantic City.

A testament to the evil incompetence that Crony Capitalism leads to. All of America should pay heed to the results of this government run economic development effort.

As a business financial planner For the past 30 years I have watched the rise of crony capitalism as government increasingly controlled economic development efforts; the results are the decline and decay we see and feel all around us today.

To the degree possible we need to get government out of the markets. America works best when Governments role is regulating the 'field' the markets,  evenly. Not manipulating the markets and picking the winners and losers behind closed doors. That is a tenant of fascism.  

We need to reach the young minds, todays teens and 20 somethings, where their interests are, technology and games. Help me reach out and spread the truth of Christian history and the battles and perils of fighting fascism throughout the ages. After all at the core,  it was fascists that ruled Rome and murdered Jesus. (the term fascism actually comes from ancient Roman times, the Fasces, the Roman symbol of collectivism and power. )

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It is fun tech, Spacey even, and lots of info on the new business financing laws too.  If you think the bankers are a big part of the problem, the new series of laws will help put them in their place.

That is if Americans rally around freedom, otherwise we are toast.

By the way, the new investment laws called the JOBS ACT of 2012 create a lot of new opportunities for small investors too, opportunities to invest in startups.  Very big changes that everyone should know about.

One last thought, you might like this old adage I like to use

'Doing something, does something.'

Press On!

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