Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to Capture the Minds of the Young and Help them Lead America to Better Times

I am convinced that young people are well aware that America and our present culture is corrupted and dying. Sure I could point to polls and research to support my premiss but I base my position on the competency of the human mind to see truth in lies.

How to reach those people that intuitively understand the dangers America faces and rally them to see a better view. That is part of my daily goal. Reaching young people on levels that interest them and rallying them around the  history and principles of  "freedom".

The "Extreme Technology News" site can help do just that. We are the 'Drudge Report' of extreme Technology like robots and space travel. We combine that information with the new ways to "Equity Crowdfund" business startups under the new investment laws that went into place last year.

XtremeTech News Daily 

Please help spread this website around to young and old. It's packed with fun tech stuff to read. With your help we can get the attention of many young people and help them see the constraints being placed on their freedoms and motivate them to vote for freedom in the next election.

God Blessed America.

Now we must show respect for that which he bestowed on us. We must take action to preserve what we were honed with, America: A Place Called Freedom. I offer this idea, this news site as a way to get more active and engaged with younger people.

A tool to interact around, reading these select articles you'll know as much or more about space travel and space farming than most 20-25 year olds.

Did you know the first flower to bloom in space was/is an Orange Zinnia? Just happened a week ago… This is it… Photo from Scott Kelly, part time space horticulturalist on the ISS.

Get active reaching out beyond your comfort zones. Reach out to people and share the website as a link to build on.

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