Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Decadent and Decaying Baltimore Descends into Chaos

Decadent and decaying Baltimore descends into chaos


Ineptitude and incompetence defines Baltimore’s present government and its legion of public attorneys. More interested in the limelight than what is right the City’s gang of reigning political clowns have suspended sanity to curry favor with its residents. Death has found Baltimore in numbers too great to ignore. Forty-five murders were reported in July. Unless revised the record books will reflect a very hot summer in the city that bleeds. City Hall has taken to the streets to blame its own police department for the tribulation now being observed. Reality speaks to a far different explanation of the chaotic events unfurling in this locale. Police are swamped with the massive level of crime within the confines of Baltimore’s 92 square miles. Permissive government policies and a lax prosecutorial system have contributed to the increasing level of daily violence. Crime has always been pervasive amongst Baltimore’s 622,000 estimated residents. Using the Freddie Grey incident as an excuse, which remains to be resolved, Baltimore’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake bashed her own police department as the cause of the uptick in violence. Similar to other cities managed by incompetents violent interludes on their streets stem from intrinsic problems amongst the population not in the guardians hired to keep law and order. Ethnic violence will not stop until a firm hand with a logical mind behind it returns to the seat of power held by its present ineffectual mayor. Overwhelmed by Baltimore’s problems Rawlings-Blake pretends to be in control when the actions on the streets speak otherwise. Forced to bring in the feds to control violence Mayor Blake is admitting the job she holds is beyond her abilities.


Local media lives in an alternate reality. Crime reports are diluted to give the perception all is not so bad in the streets and corridors of this decaying jurisdiction. I am here to report Baltimore is entrenched in ethnic violence with no resolve in sight. Political masochists will grind anyone into dust who dares to offer solutions to effectuate change in the city. Mayor Blake and her associates enjoy the status quo and will not confront the hard issues entrenched in this swamp of a town. Books will be written, years from now, how a government used its own residents so its leaders could move up the food chain. If you are a cheerleader for Baltimore I dare you to walk through its neighborhoods once the lights go out. I pray you find the morning light.

Mark Davis, M.D. President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

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