Friday, April 03, 2015

Talking about the problem does nothing to solve the problem!

Take A Stand - Shout It Out 

 An alternative for today 

Great minds discuss STRATEGIES 
Average minds dwell on problems 
Small minds discuss people

                                    Eleanor Roosevelt (w/revisions)                      

America needs freedom troopers not blow- hards whining about the situation.

Here is the rub: 

Conservatives, as I have observed, spend lots of time bloviating - railing about America's problems and talking about the people causing them - what is worse they primarily do so to others of like minds. Not the opposition or the young people that need to know how much America has declined. 

They are often times more interested in showing how smart they are to each other but they shy away from entering the fray.  Too many I meet are weak in their convictions, scared of being criticized by the leftists. 

Patriots Stand Up 
Be Proud 
Shout it Loud

Jesus Died for Us
Make him Proud

Stand up against
Christian and Jewish Oppression

Twitter is a POWERFUL tool 
Use IT! 

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