Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Crossroads to Armageddon

Crossroads to Armageddon


Nightmares never leave us. Attached to our psyches they wait for the signal to remerge. As a child coming of age in the 1960s the fear of nuclear annihilation was ever present in the media. This fear was represented by nuclear mushroom clouds expanding across placid skies. Reality clashed with this hypothetical when Russian missile placements were observed on the island of Cuba. President Kennedy, fearing the worst, took immediate action to diffuse this communist nation’s encroachment into the Western Hemisphere. Without this strong President’s leadership the beginnings of World War Three would have been a few steps away. Fifty years later this country is once again battling for its future.


Scattered across the Iranian landscape are dozens of facilities established for one end purpose, enrichment of Uranium for bombs. http://www.jpost.com/International/Die-Welt-Iran-building-rocket-bases-in-Venezuela Utilizing nearly 20,000 centrifuges Iranian workers are closing in on their ultimate goal. America, not fully cognizant of Iran’s weapons status, is blindly negotiating a treaty to curtail a program that may have already come to fruition. John Kerry, the present Secretary of State, back stabbed his fellow Vietnam Vets during his formative years by testifying against them before Congress. Trust is not one of Kerry’s strong points. Forty years later he is the lead negotiator for a treaty with Iran. With a lack of transparency Kerry and Obama have released little on the framework of this proposed treaty. Speculation is Obama desperately wants this treaty no matter who he throws under the literal bus. In the event this is a legacy moment for the Commander-in-Chief he has failed. Instead Obama is writing an epitaph for the America he hates and the Israel he loathes.


Reports of Iranian missile placements in Venezuela have been carried by foreign news sources. http://www.jpost.com/International/Die-Welt-Iran-building-rocket-bases-in-Venezuela American media has been quiescent on this subject. Once operational these missiles could reach continental United States in a matter of minutes. With Iran’s rapid development of fissionable material these missiles could be tipped with warheads which can decimate American cities on a whim. Essentially the Cuban Missile crisis has come to the 21st century. Obama, oblivious to the Constitution, does not have the courage to invoke the Monroe Doctrine. Striking are the differences in leadership between John Kennedy and Barack Obama. Kennedy led us away from a nuclear holocaust. Obama is leading us towards one. Perhaps that was the plan from day one. When Obama took the oath of office in 2009 he swore to uphold the Constitution and defend America. From this small perch Obama’s real motives were to dismantle American institutions, traditions and its industrial base. He is on his way to succeeding with these goals. My recommendation is build a Civil Defense shelter because Iran and others are coming our way.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services. www.daviswritingservices.com and platomd@gmail.com
Author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster

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