Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Maryland Legislature: time for a change

Maryland Legislature: time for a change


Maryland’s legislators may have not received the memo: there is a new sheriff in town. Larry Hogan became the Governor because people are sick and tired of being taxed into oblivion. Legislative leadership has firmly come out against Hogan’s mild proposals to trim taxes in a variety of areas. Before Hogan would finish his State of the State message consternation was already brewing on the new Governor’s programs to help businesses. Hogan enumerated a list of changes he wants the Maryland Legislature to consider. His proposal to exempt the first $10,000 of personal property from taxes would go a long way to help small businesses. Elimination of the “Rain Tax,” which targets only a portion of Maryland, was also echoed in his speech. Automatic increases in gasoline taxes would come to a thundering halt because Hogan portrays them as regressive assessments. Pensions for military, police and fire fighters would become exempt from tax collection by the Comptroller’s office. House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Thomas Miller are in a near schizophrenic frenzy over Hogan’s tax proposals. Just the thought of reducing Maryland’s tax burden on its citizens brought verbal backlashes from both of them. What these two do not understand is Marylanders who pay the bills want change. Hogan has chosen not to cut too deeply for his first State budget. Instead he began by cutting around the edges. Maryland’s nickname, The Free State, has taken on new meaning around the country. Why? People have come by the tens of thousands to obtain freebies allocated to them by the Democrats and Hogan’s predecessor Martin O’Malley. Billions in waste could be cut from the Maryland budget. Hogan is fully cognizant of the economic Armageddon that would occur if he cut too quickly. Yet this must happen for Maryland to stay sound economically. The Mercedes Benz gang with Medicaid cards should watch their backs. The new sheriff is gunning for you.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services,

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