Monday, January 05, 2015

New Year Old Themes

New Year Old Themes


Years come and go yet some themes linger long after wearing out their welcome. Blanketing the media in 2014 were racism and terrorism along with Ebola to keep the population on edge. President Obama’s irreverence to the Constitution emerged as a hot topic as the year came to a close. In 2015 look for minimal change as the year unfolds. Congress demonstrated its inability to cope with the President’s overreach by his modulating immigration laws without their consent. Entering his last quarter Obama must face a Republican majority in both houses who are hungry for change. Yet, as we have viewed, lame does not begin to describe the leadership of the House and Senate as they approach illicit executive actions. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have displayed their willingness to lean left to enable the President. Their style of mismanagement was ever present in processing the federal budget. As the new Congress takes their seats both want to lead but which path will they take? Illicit actions by the White House must have consequences. Yet Congress cowers refusing to dispense the services they promised the electorate. Unable to contain a wayward President harsh reality will confront leadership as membership take their oaths of office. Obamacare was “fully” funded along with the ability for our government to support a mass migration from south of the border. Boehner was nowhere to be seen as Obama placed millions on a path to citizenship without a single vote cast by the legislative branch. The Speaker was too busy making holiday plans to condemn a clearly illegal act by Obama. Where Boehner and Congress failed a coalition of states have instituted a legal action against Obama’s reckless disregard for immigration law. Without change at the top 2015 will look eerily analogous to 2014. Conditions are ripe to impede the President’s pen by bringing challenges to the White House steps. Congress also has pens and phones, which should be in use 24/7 to move the headlines in a different direction than seen in 2014. Will Congress have the backbone to remove leadership or does the country remain stagnant for another two years under their tutelage? Stay tuned!


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.

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