Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Larry Hogan: A new Governor with a new vision

Larry Hogan: A new Governor with a new vision


Larry Hogan is Maryland’s new Governor. His aspirations were achieved with the perspirations of many who worked endless hours to achieve this goal. Governor Hogan’s win was no surprise to this intrepid reporter who predicted his win in an article published the day prior to the election (Larry Hogan: New Leadership for Annapolis). With perseverance and a clear vision Governor elect Hogan was able to translate his message of lower taxes, less regulation and simplified government to an electorate starved for leadership. Eloquent in his victory speech Governor elect Hogan noted there is much work ahead to bring his vision to fruition. Maryland’s business community has been oppressed by a vicious campaign from its Legislature and current Governor to extort as much funds as it could from them. As a consummate businessman the new Governor understands the inequities that need to be flushed away to attract investments from corporate America. He is alert to the fact that every administrative entity under the auspices of his new office has been politicized. Political appointees reign within these boards which have pushed out the expertise they once had and sorely need. Maryland’s Legislature will not make it easy for him to pass legislation that rights many of the wrongs in this State. Under former Governor Erhlich gridlock more than compromise blocked many of the reforms he brought before them. Democrats will argue to keep the current status quo in place which redistributes billions to the indolent and lazy in the state. Record levels of state workers do little more than move paperwork across their desks and harass Maryland residents. Time has come to reevaluate this State’s bloated work force to bring efficiencies and sensibilities to this superfluous population. Larry Hogan is up to the task as reflected in his ability to overcome great odds to ascend to Maryland’s highest office. We all wish him well and hope to contribute to his efforts in any way we can.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services,

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