Monday, October 13, 2014

Black Plague Two

Black Plague Two


One of the deadliest viruses in the history of mankind has found its way to our shores. Ebola, named for the river where it was first identified, moves through its victims with no mercy, leaving a shell of a human being behind. Identified in 1976 Ebola has left an increasing legacy of misery and death wherever this new plague has touched. Most recently the latest epidemic has engulfed numerous countries in Western Africa traveling across borders uninhibited by armies of health workers attempting to stop its movements. Through the munificence of the United States and other countries money, personnel and supplies have been sent to the hardest hit areas. These Ebola hot zones continue to expand even with the best efforts by those on the ground. Recently Thomas Duncan, a citizen of Liberia, entered the U.S. under false pretenses, with the Ebola virus firmly implanted in him. Reports state that Duncan misrepresented his proximity to the infection prior to coming to the states. He presented himself to an emergency room in Dallas Texas a few days after arriving there with flu like symptoms. For reasons that are not clear he was sent home but returned within a short time. At this juncture a presumptive diagnosis of Ebola was made. Duncan’s death came less than two weeks later. Rapidly fatal Ebola patients have few treatment options. The question remains: How many were exposed to the virus as Duncan made his way to the United States? Late word is a hospital worker where Duncan tragically succumbed has tested positive for Ebola. This story is still developing.


President Obama and his subordinates at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have stubbornly refused to place travel restrictions on flights from Ebola hot zones. CDC has gone on record asserting a travel ban would do more harm than good, without fully elaborating why. Instead their plan is to take temperature readings of those emigrating from infected areas and to have them fill out questionnaires. Sounds crazy on the surface and it is. An infected patient may not spike a fever for days to weeks after contracting this viral menace. Worse many may hide the fact they were exposed to Ebola. African nations are in the process of quarantining infected areas. Logic dictates we should do the same. This nation’s best course of action is to keep the plague where it originated. Sending our best and brightest into endemic areas, to fight this unseen enemy, is irrational having the potential for horrific ramifications. Political correctness not commonsense is guiding United States Ebola policy. Obama’s containment policies are a series of false actions designed to assuage a fearful public not to stop the virus in its tracks. Ebola has been acquired by those in full protective gear suggesting a different path of inoculation than is commonly believed. In the event an airborne component of transmission exists or the virus is found to penetrate biological garb the fight to contain Ebola moves to a new level. The Black Death killed a third of the population of Europe in the 14th century. How many must die in the United States before policies isolating affected areas are implemented?


Mark Davis MD, author of Obamacare Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster and Demons of Democracy.  President of Davis Writing Services.  

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