Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Fascism Myth "Far right Wing Political Structure" - Yah, right, if you're Brain Washed

Atlantic City is about to experience the biggest economic decline in it's history.  Three of it's 11 casinos will close within the month with a lose of 6000 jobs.

It is no surprise, in fact the surprise was when the Christie administration supported the now bankrupted (for the second time in two years) Revel casino promising a quarter billion in tax offsets which led to the States pension system investing $220 million into the obviously doomed project. The failure of crony capitalism is Christie's legacy.

Free market capitalism would have avoided the entire problem by having not created it in the first place.   The Revel investment was a very bad idea and driven by arrogance on Christie's part,  he deserves to be held accountable. His form of back room politics is just as bad as when the left wing does it. New Jersey needs Free Market reforms and prison cells for the cronies capitalists that are stealing the life blood of hard working Americans.

The governments involvement in business selection and the markets is the core of what is wrong in the economy from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  In fact the entire world has gone done the road of a fascist society where government executes control over the market instead of managing the rules of the market. Now I am not saying NJ and Christie are Fascists, I am saying they have threads of fascism in their actions.

And it is evil, just as evil as when the Romans, a fascist government in it's time, in fact the name sake of Fascism is the Roman symbol of Collectivism and Power; the Fasces.


That's right, religion aside, Fascist of Roman times killed Jesus Christ.   Don't believe me?  Then watch this short video, it covers it in less then two minutes.

The assertion by many dictionaries and most of our education system that Fascism is far right wing politics is hogwash and a blinding example of how easily the ignorant masses can be duped by the lies of the intelligencia.

God blessed America indeed, but he left it up to us to use our brains to keep it free, we as a nation are letting him down.  Rise up and get in the face of the liars on the left. The video above gives you clear and indisputable ammunition to shut them up in their tracks.  

The issues demand truth, there is no reason to be polite about it, the liars are stealing your children's future, leftist are evil, let them know it.

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