Monday, August 11, 2014

REVOLUTION Crowdfunding; Taking on Big Banks and Big Corporations. The New Free Market.

Solving our problems in America seems daunting at best. Our Corporatist leaders have created a society of  "Mega" Corporations and Crony Government, a structure more akin to fascism than free market capitalism. A slave state is emerging and we know it.  


A new version of an old economic freedom is taking root all around the world. It's loosely called crowd funding. An age old concept reinvigorated by the Internet.   You may have heard of Kickstarter or possibly Indiegogo. These are two of the better known businesses in the new Internet powered arena loosely called "crowd funding".

The term applies to a broad spectrum of financial activities and is dramatically changing finance laws. In fact the JOBS Act of 2012 is all about the concept of Crowdfunding and formally adopted the word crowdfunding as a legal term.   But as it applies to these two examples above, people are giving away their money and that is legal. They are paying in advance and doing so in the form of a donation. They may receive a perk such as a new product or tickets to a performance but in essence they are giving away their money and may receive a perk or spiff at some point in the future.

Take this example, this is a 60 day long campaign that a fellow in Portland started to raise $50,000.oo. Enough money to produce a volume run of manufacturing his new version of a beach cooler. It is called the Coolest Cooler project and it is hosted on the platform Kickstarter. This one minute video covers key points of crowd funding and some interesting applications and companies coming out of Portland ...



It is quite amazing really, with 18 days yet to go in his effort to raise fifty thousand dollars he has raise over $8.5 million dollars in donations. In effect he's made thousands of pre-sales of a product that does  not exist yet.

Here is a link to the Coolest campaign.

Yep, that is right, people are prepaying in droves to see if this guy will deliver a cool cooler to them someday down the line.    

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