Monday, August 04, 2014

New Jersey, Poster Child of American Decline

Solutions come from understanding problems. As economies throughout the world remain near default and central banks continue easy money policies in hopes of spurring growth America's own financial strength continues to be in question.  Crumbling and bankrupted and near bankrupted cities and even states such as New Jersey occasionally even make the main stream news.

The issues still exists and one of the struggles we face is to reach younger people and get them to see and understand the causes of our decline and the opportunities to correct the problems we face.

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This 2 minute video attempts to do  just that, delivering the message of the fundamental cause of New Jersey's decades long decline and how "Crowd Funding" can help return power of a free market and help us compete against our corrupted corporate banking system.   Solving a problem first takes understanding of it's cause. America can learn a lot about what not to do by studying New Jersey, America's Garden State, where the bloom came off the rose.

The age old concept of crowd funding is now empowered by the internet and new laws are making for spectacular results for businesses, performers a and communities.

If you like the video please share it with young people. Sharing history with a very poorly educated younger generation is critical to overcoming the massive ignorance in our country.

Feel free to contact me with your comments, other versions of the crowd funding opportunities and details of our decline will be coming.


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