Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Atlantic City Casino Calamity; New Jersey's Destructive Focus

The "ultra liberal" Star Ledger news paper in New Jersey ignores some of the most important news that faces the citizens of NJ.

As a leading source of print news for decades The Star Ledger is in large part responsible for the massive ignorance in New Jersey. A society of self indulged ignorance similar to those that precipitated the destruction of previous societies such as Rome and Ancient Greece.

What will help New Jersey turn around?


At the roots of the decline, the government employee pension system.  Lies, deceit and crony capitalism from the progressives in government killed the goose. 

Already ranked as the 48th least effective at job creation, earlier this month the newest and now bankrupt Casino sent a notice to it's employees that they be shutting down in September leaving another 3000 people unemployed.  They apparently are seeking a white knight to bail them out, but who would buy? Atlantic City is under siege  and has little to offer people to break through the barriers. Since then two more Atlantic City casinos announced closings too. 

The reason why NJ casinos are failing is obvious just look at this map. 

It's looks like a military strategy map.

The line line of casinos on Jersey's boarder is  the economic equivalent of  France's Maginot Line, but Pennsylvania's  objective was achieved. The goal was to keep the natives in and also feed off Jersey's Princeton area too.

It was a stated goal of Pennsylvania back in 2003. 

Was New Jersey listening? Apparently not.

NJ is where it is because of the people of NJ. Period. Ignorance is bliss but then it wears off.

Americas former great state is now one of the icons of America's collapse.

Nothing to be proud of New Jersey.

America is watching as liberalism destroys what had once been great.  Will New Jersey help the rest of the country wake up to the perils of liberalism? 

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