Friday, July 04, 2014

America: A Historical Tour Without Revision

America: a historical tour without revision


Dinesh D’Souza hit another homerun with his new political documentary America. Within the solitude of an empty theater I watched D’Souza’s presentation as he knocked down the walls of revisionist history which is the currency of so many who lean to the left. D’Souza challenges the audience to understand the consequences if certain historical events had moved in another direction. This is exemplified by the British winning the Revolutionary War and Germany developing nuclear weapons before America obtained them. Prevailing teachings on slavery are expanded setting aside numerous untruths utilized by those who sell racism for a living. Acknowledging that America’s westward movement was done by conquest he displays how its former inhabitants accrued their lands in a similar fashion. America provides a glimpse of many lives that became fruitful by hard work and perseverance as opposed to the entitlement mentality which is prevalent throughout the country. President Lincoln is held in high regard for successfully managing a war that changed the face and texture of this nation. As a leader facing a divided country the question of slavery was finally put to rest under his tutelage. Lincoln is portrayed as person who mends political fences as opposed to President Obama whose actions are antithetically the opposite. Interviews with those who overcame extreme adversity flesh out the reasons why so many risk so much to cross our borders. Especially noteworthy was D’Souza’s ability to put a face on those who are affected by Obama’s irrational policies. A point is a made noting the substance of current legislative efforts is a fraudulent attempt to undermine every institution, industry and tradition which has brought strength to this nation. D’Souza is intent on telling a story how progressives destroy instead of build leaving conservatives to take the blame when the worst possible outcomes occur. America raises the bar on political documentaries by presenting complex subject matter in a comprehensible format. D’Souza has brought America home. This movie will change the way you think about this nation and yourself. A must see.


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