Monday, June 30, 2014

Obamaspeak: America's Newest Language

Obamaspeak: America’s newest language


President Obama must be a fan of George Orwell.  Newspeak, a fictional language created for the novel 1984, has moved into reality. Obamaspeak is America’s newest language.  By deleting or redefining words left becomes right and yes advances to no. Jihad is a word never to be uttered by anyone within the President’s sphere of influence. Thirteen dead and more than thirty severely wounded by a crazed Muslim radical, the Administration called this incident at Fort Hood workplace violence instead of true the term, Jihad. In his most recent assault on the English language Obama no longer designates transgressors of America’s borders as illegal. Instead he has moved them on to immigrant status once their feet touch our soil. A few within Obama’s circles actually want illegals to be called citizens immediately upon arrival. Analogous to Orwell’s novel Obama uses the weight of government to enforce these language changes. The President’s recent reference that America is a nation of all religions instead of a Judeo-Christian one, as his predecessors called it, suggests his true mindset on religion. Neither Middle Easterners nor those from the Asian subcontinent helped build this nation. Yet in a few short years since the incipience of Obama’s first inauguration these people have been included in the texture of modern thought by a President who wants to rewrite history. Language has a tremendous effect on the mind. By refitting and retreading language structure and function the masses could be swayed to ideas and actions that were precluded from former rational thought. Scandal is a word the President wishes would vanish. He has made every attempt to spin this word yet it has stuck to his illicit actions like a fly to flypaper. Where Orwell’s novel and Obama’s actions digress is in the former a great leader was pictured running the nation but in the latter no one appears to be at the helm. If Obama is intent on reconditioning the English Language then the word President should be changed to Emir while he continues to serve. In a short period hello will be changed to salaam and good-bye to ma’a as-salamah. Wake-up America Jihad has been brought to your front door.


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