Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Maryland's Primary: The Aftermath

Maryland’s Primary: the aftermath


Maryland’s lackluster primary season ended on a minor note. With a poverty of turnout expectations were higher than the 22% who showed up to vote. Two candidates for Governor were left standing from the major parties. Anthony Brown overwhelmed his chief rival Douglas Gansler receiving more than twice the vote. On the Republican ticket Larry Hogan trounced David Craig with a 14% margin of victory. Maryland’s Democratic machinery will be in full force in the next four months finding every means to denigrate the opposing party. From dumpster diving to character assassination nothing will stop the forward movement of this machine towards its ultimate goal. Anthony Brown has achieved much outside the realm of politics. Yet his political resume is a desert of achievement. Larry Hogan is an issues oriented person. He is aware of the negativity that Democrats bring to bear to win an election, as exemplified during their primary campaigns. Marylanders have a clear choice this November. In the Republican camp the push will be for; less taxes, reduction in draconian regulations, a pullback in entitlements, an administration of government that is business friendly and fiscal responsibility. Democrats want more of the same presently offered by Martin O’Malley. Under his tutelage; entitlements expanded exponentially, traditional family values were trashed, the multi-dimensional family came into being, dozens of new taxes and levies were signed into law, the word illegal was banished from the Maryland dictionary and fiscal irresponsibility became the norm.  Voter registration leans predominately towards the Democrats. Hogan knows the path to the State House will be hard for him but not impossible. Many Marylanders are exhausted from the constant pressures government forces have brought to bear on their personal and professional lives. Larry Hogan needs to emphasize the collective fallacies intrinsic to the Democrat platform. This strategy could be the driving force he needs to ascend to the Governorship. Democracy is failing around the country. When this tragedy hits home one must take charge of the reality that confronts him or her. Choose wisely this election cycle otherwise the chance to reestablish Democratic principles may not present itself for a long time.



Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.

Dr. Davis most recent books are: Demons of Democracy and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

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