Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Desperation at the Southern Border

Desperation on the southern border


Swarms of children have been pouring across America’s southern border this year. Estimates that 80,000 children will cross may be a conservative number. Destinations of origin include Honduras, Guatemala and other Central American poverty centers. Attracted by President Obama’s loose immigration policies expectations are they will not be deported. With weak border enforcement and Executive Orders favoring the illegal flow immigrants are finding crossing has many pluses for them. Entitlements are offered to anyone who makes it through the tumultuous terrain separating the countries south of the border. In many instances border guards have been told to stand down as these crowds move within their jurisdictions. Recently criminals, by the tens of thousands waiting for deportation, were released into the midst of the American landscape. Few in Congress even winked when this occurred. Obama’s strong push to legitimatize tens of millions of illegals already in the country further attracts those yet to come. A significant humanitarian catastrophe has evolved, with minimal to no resolution in site, for these vulnerable children.


Children, many younger than 12, are crossing into the United States without their parents. Most have scanty possessions with them. Facilities to house these children have been slow to come online. Basics such as food, clothing, sleeping accommodations and medical checkups have not been given the priority they deserve. Instead, believe or not, large sums of federal money have been put aside for lawyers to manage these new immigrants’ cases. Reports that children have been picked up in Texas, provided with a few basics and dumped in other states, especially Arizona have a basis in reality. Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, has made vehement complaints to the White House. So far her concerns have fallen on deaf ears. Billions have been requested by the White House to manage this emerging crisis, with deportation not in the consideration. Obama’s utilization of children as a political tool to further enhance his immigration policies is deplorable. Worse he may have added another reason for his impeachment. Border protection is a number one priority for any president. Obama has deliberately failed to protect them. Congress must act now or the next wave will be the parents of these pawns.


Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services providing consultation to the media, government and industry on health related issues. Dr Davis’ latest book is, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

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