Monday, April 14, 2014

The Senate Must Demand Answers from Harry Reid and President Obama,. Any that don't will add to their defeat in November

America's outrage grows and well it should! America is a nation  built on the principle of due process!   

Investigations into last weeks heavy handed actions by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to remove privately owned cattle from government managed range land have lead to allegations that Harry Reid and the Obama administration have conspired to defraud the American public by cutting a secret deal with a Chinese energy company associated with the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone to use the property as an Offset for environmental mitigation purposes.

Americans Under Siege from a Rouge Government 
This Too Must Be Investigated

These are very serious charges, an abuse of power in the highest order,  the evidence is substantial.

200 heavily armed Federal agents being dispatched against a citizen is beyond tolerable, bringing these troops against an American in order to facilitate a secret, potentially illegal agreement with a foreign, government controlled, company, it is an act of treachery against Americans in the highest order.

This Chinese company is alleged to have received American Tax Payer stymulious  money also.

If true, Reid and the Senators that support him must be held to account. Obama too.

Yesterday's Flower Children Became today's Bloomin' idiots

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