Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Obamacare: A legacy unraveling

Obamacare: a legacy unraveling


While the majority of the population slept our misdirected government engineered major changes to their legacy legislative effort, Obamacare. Most startling of the alterations, many will be able to keep their traditional plans intact deep into 2017. Thirty other changes, through Executive edicts, have been implemented to make this egregious law more palatable to voters in 2014 and  subsequently for the presidential election in 2016. Driven by political considerations candidates running for Democrat seats in the House and Senate are running away from this catastrophe in evolution. Many ardent supporters of Obama are having second thoughts concerning his agenda, as the President tweaks the legal nightmare he has inflicted on the nation. Dozens of mandates have been modified, extended and or simply circumvented to keep the Affordable Care Act afloat. Insufficient numbers of paying subscribers have signed up in the Exchanges. Reportedly four million have enrolled. Those in the know question the mix of this group. White House officials are mum whether these new Exchange patrons have been moved off Medical Assistance to this newest of subsidized programs. This leaves a small window of possibility that a few paying customers joined. Many are asking the question whether the Affordable Care Act is on life support. Omens of failure are omnipresent. Insurance premium nightmares are being reported throughout the country, rising by as much as 100%.  Those who have not lost their jobs are seeing their hours cut by 25% or more. Clever means have been purported to deny patrons of this disaster the very elements advertised by the President and his minions. Obamacare was never about improving health care in America. Instead it was designed to usurp one-sixth of the economy and create a unitary payer system with the central core controlled by the Washington D.C.  bureaucracy. Confusion has been introduced into the health system, at every level, which completely defeats its endgame, better medical care for all.  Affordable care Act has been found to be not so affordable. From the perches of many Obamacare is unraveling and could sink under its own weight. In subsequent articles the dangers of Obamacare will be discussed.


Mark Davis, MD author of Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. http://amzn.to/1d4poKi.  https://www.createspace.com/3801630
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