Monday, February 03, 2014

Twilight of a failing presidency

Twilight of a failing presidency


Irony has a way of working itself into the fabric of history. Electing Barack Obama in 2008 was celebrated as a transitional point for American culture. Hope and change were touted as new themes by a presidential candidate who came out of nowhere. A nation torn apart by two wars and a recession was ready for new blood in the White House. Promised hope faded away as the years went by and the changes expected degraded every institution and industry in the country. Once a proud country, America fell to bad decisions, opaque bureaucratic entanglements and a level of arrogance never before seen in the Executive Branch. President Obama’s State of the Union Speech (see State of the Disunion Speech: more of the same) was indicative of the outright misrepresentations and distortions spewing out of his Administration. Challenging the truth with every word he speaks President Obama’s legacy will be one of unfulfilled promises and overreach which has constrained the most productive amongst us. Keystone pipeline advocates, from both parties, viewed the convoluted and irrational Obama bureaucracy at work, which stifled this important project. Energy independence has been a cornerstone policy of President, yet five years have gone by and our dependence has only increased. Keystone would have provided a major conduit to transport oil from our northern neighbor. EPA has stalled this project for years and continues to do so. Who benefits from this delay? Obama’s energy policy became crystal clear when he bowed to the Saudi King.


Close inspection of Obama’s agenda does not bode well for an America whose underpinnings have been weakened in the last five years. Immigration reform has been a hot button topic from the beginning of the President’s Administration. Conflict within Congress has set the stage for the President to go it alone on this issue with Executive Edicts, which challenge his prescribed powers. Obama’s mindset for reform would bring in millions of people overwhelming an already bloated entitlement system and displacing countless Americans. The myth that Americans do not want these jobs is another fabrication.


Foreign policy has been nothing less than a disaster. Negotiating with Iran to end its drive for a nuclear weapon displays the gullibility of this Administration. Announcing to our enemies the withdrawal schedules of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan was nothing less than crazy. Worst of all apologizing for America’s prior actions on the World Stage was a direct insult to all those who died to keep the nation safe from our enemies overseas. Ironic as it may seem this country’s darkest enemy may not be beyond our borders. Our worst enemy may be a Chief Executive who never found his way home. Mark Davis, MD author of the book Demons of Democracy and the recently release book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster. President of Davis Book Reviews and Healthnets Review Services.

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