Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oregon Failures at Implementing Obamacare Leads the Pack

See the gull?

Sometimes I feel like the bird in the picture above. See 'em off to the right on top of the rock? With storm clouds above and all alone facing a sea of change.  That is the Oregon Coast where I live. I am surrounded by both the rugged producers of the land and sea, the fishing and crabbing and the lumber producers ... all intermingled with a wildly incompetent government and well dispersed able bodied disabled people.  After spending $300 million in federal tax payer dollars they only signed up 44 people though November. It is beyond comprehension (article here).

Back to the pictures.

If you look close at this Spouting Horn below (as they are called) you can see that same bird, that very same bird in front of the spout. I'd swear on my Aunt Sally's grave that is the same bird.

That makes my point, why would you believe me? Yet liberals want you to believe in them despite the immense evidence of corruption and incompetence.

Don't get me wrong, I love the Constitution and a government that is bound by it. I respect many in the service such as the great men and women of our civilian forces like the seamen on this boat. These are by in large respectful, honorable and in general "great Americans".  But there is sooo much more to our corrupt and incompetent government than the people on the front lines of duty.

Click for video of a wild boat ride.

New Jersey a Greece "wanna be"

Younger people today need to be shown the difference between freedom and a slave state. Conservatives need to demonstrate good vs. bad. Show it, show the results, cause and effect, it is all around us. Perhaps best demonstrated by comparisons between industry categories including "vacation destinations". I pointed it out before the hotel room tax is the initiator of a much bigger problem. Here is another example; In New Jersey this past month the state  tourism agency bemoaned how they started marketing too late and the results were a sever drop in tourism to the Jersey Shore this past summer. Why is the government even involved?  Isn't that what Greece did? Yes!

Think about it, the agency with millions and millions of Tax payer dollars and their response to their admitted failure is in effect, we'll do better next year.

What a disgusting bunch New Jersey has become. First off they let some bureaucracy control them through the tax payer funded marketing apparatus which is a den of cronies and incompetence. Then they accept the agencies excuses and promises. What a miserable state of affairs.  In a free market there would in the first place be a bunch of companies involved and independent of each other and there would be no excuses but there would be new contracts.

This is an excellent way to showcase what is wrong with centralized government management.

Go further do not support freedom stifling New Jersey in any way, certainly they don't deserve your vacation dollars. It is ranked at the bottom in so many important categories and components for freedom that it should be shunned not supported.

Click for video of a killer boat ride.

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