Thursday, November 07, 2013

U-Haul Rate Analysis - Americans on the Move

NOTE TO READERS: In an effort to reach people in these times of NO attention span I am developing a series of very short videos that focus on the concept of Supply and Demand to illustrate the flight (migration) from high taxes and stifling regulations of key liberal centers. Regions known to be hostile to small free enterprise.  (The videos are amateurish due to the fact that I am an amateur. I'm working on that).

The Law of Supply and Demand makes for a compelling argument that people are on the move away from liberal decay. That is to say according to my research people are  fleeing the high cost,  high taxed,  excessively regulated and highly liberal regions of Northern New Jersey, Chicago and San Francisco.

For almost a year now I have performed a simple, non-scientific study of the rate differences between coming and going between Northern New Jersey, Chicago and San Francisco and Austin Texas.  Last month I expanded the study to include rates between San Francisco, Portland, Boise and Chicago. 

I publish these results on video and post them to youtube in the hopes that the video will be shared with young people that will "get it" when they see the numbers. I encourage students to ask their teachers to explain the results. I think many young kids, especially the youngest in grade school, know something is dreadfully wrong in America and this simple concept can trigger an epiphany in them.  Then they may begin to question things they are being taught when teachers can't or won't explain these results.

Below is an overview look at the most recent numbers before I get to producing the next video. 

Both San Francisco and New Jersey had increases in out migration. Especially New Jersey (Ouch). 

Input on my process or anecdotal details are welcomed.

FYI - I am in the vacation and entertainment promotion business and I promote conservative "Free Enterprise " centric travel destinations over left wing "crony" communities that often develop from the mis-use of Transient Occupancy Taxes (a.k.a. Hotel Room Tax). A tax system that often poisons travel communities and destroys jobs I point to South Lake Tahoe, CA as an example.  Anyone with information or insights into Hotel Room Tax I'd be interested in hearing from you.  

To illustrate the impact of centralized government control on society my plans are to write more about the Transient Occupancy Tax, detail how I have seen it undermine communities and add to the corruption of crony capitalism. Communities like South Lake Tahoe, which I see as a poster child for failure. 

U-Haul Rate Comparison

Sampling date October 1, 2013
Rental date October 15, 2013
17-foot truck rate quotes
San Francisco > Austin $1489 
Austin > San Francisco $745
Chicago IL to Austin Texas $1589 
Austin Texas to Chicago $530
Wayne NJ > Austin, TX $2,485 vs 
Austin, TX > Wayne NJ $986
San Francisco to Portland $847 
Portland to San Francisco $513
Chicago to Portland $2236 
Portland to Chicago $1069
San Fran to Boise $810 
Boise to San Fran $518
Chicago to Boise $2108 
Boise to Chicago $927

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