Monday, October 07, 2013

The Lake Mead Syndrome

The Obama shutdown has forced the people of Lake Mead to move off of their rented land, to come out of their little cabins, and to go quietly into the night.
These people own their own homes, and may have built their own homes on land rented from the federal government! So in effect, they have improved the land that they do not own. Nor do they have any control over their situation. That's not exactly the American dream.

A man featured in an article called, 
"Shutdown forces owners to leave Lake Mead homes," is understandably upset, but he's decided against fighting it. He's also a lifelong Republican. See:

We can forgive Mr. Hitchcock his inability to stand his ground, and to refuse to leave because he's an elderly man. But is this a sign of something more? If standing your ground means that you might have to face the citation, or Jail, or face anything uncomfortable, do you just turned tail and run?

There are at least 60 families who have been forced to leave their homes by the federal government Obama shutdown. Did any of these people stand their ground and just say "No?" I somehow doubt it. 

We Americans may have become too softened to stand up for our own rights if it means pain or sacrifice.

This past week some of our well-known Republican congressional representatives showed up when the shutdown can't veterans from entering their Memorial. That was a very popular thing to do. But where are those representatives today when people are being forced out of their homes?

So is this standing our ground and righteous civil disobedience, all for political show? 

Where on a few takeaways from the lake need syndrome. 1. Buy and own your own land. If you lease you don't control anything. 2. You can't trust any government. 3. Try to recapture the American Dream. 4. Be willing to fight for what is rightfully yours or lose everything. 

Final thought: if you leased land there's usually a contract and a landlord can't just "throw you off your land." Oh but were talking about the federal government where nothing is sacred!

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