Friday, October 18, 2013

Obamacare: A Prescription for Disaster

Obamacare: A Prescription for disaster


October first 2013 will be remembered as the day Obamacare initiated a process to dismantle America’s health system. Earlier this year Americans were hammered with a dozen new taxes to bring this monster to fruition.  With the implementation of insurance exchanges medical services moved into the dark shadows of government bureaucracy. Failure is the most appropriate way to describe the initial two weeks of this electronic venture to cull unsuspecting people to purchase high priced insurance programs. Reportedly, one must provide information in minute detail, from your prior health history to one’s criminal past. Obamacare allows the U.S. government to mine each individual for data far beyond the needs required to create a health profile. How this information will be utilized is the subject of thousands of comments strewn across  social websites. Yet the media has only grazed this subject. Who needs a Fourth Amendment when we have an Administration that believes the Constitution stands in the away of governing.  Obamacare economics were intended to diminish costs to patients, instead insurance fees moved exponentially higher. Most important, every service embedded in this health legislation, will be apportioned using twisted algorithms to effectuate this oncoming disaster. Instant access to medical services will be a fine memory as this nation moves into its new mode of health care delivery.  A waiting game will emerge where weeks and months will go by when these services were once available in mere hours or days. With a tidal wave of new recipients flowing forth, the health system will need an array of new workers. Ezekial Emanuel MD, Ph.D, one of the architects of this mess, stated in a recent interview that secondary and tertiary health workers will be relied heavily upon to effectuate Obamacare. He believes doctors are no longer needed for minor infirmities such as colds and urinary tract infections. His PH.D is in political philosophy. This author is not sure which one. In essence Obamacare is a hodge-podge of regulatory structure cobbled together to mend a health system that needed a tune up not an overhaul. Its authors were mainly theorists and lawyers.  Failure is written all over this tragedy. Unfortunately President Obama wants to see his tragedy evolve and the resulting number of people who will be hurt under its auspices. As Obamacare implodes, it will defund itself because the economic formula on which it is based is fundamentally flawed. Theory is never as good as practicality. Obamacare is impractical and will hurt a nation already hurting. This nightmare will be over when rational minds prevail in the heart of the nation.  Mark Davis MD, author of the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.  Available on Amazon, Kindle and soon other venues., 

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  1. The insurance industry accepted Obamacare without a peep --- not a peep for five years. That's because THEY WROTE THE ACA and they greatly desire a system where customers are FORCED by law (and huge, huge fines) to buy their products (regardless of cost).

    If it all falls apart -- and I pray it does -- then the Dems will not merely face the wrath of everyone they promised the moon to (poor folks, people with policies they liked and old folks on Medicare) but also the wrath of the multi-billion dollar insurance industry.
    - tom from