Friday, October 25, 2013

Douglas Gansler: A Fading Maryland Politician

Douglas Gansler:  a fading Maryland politician


Douglas Gansler, Maryland’s Attorney General and gubernatorial hopeful initiated his campaign for higher office by introducing racism into the mix. Anthony Brown, the present lieutenant governor, was slighted by Gansler who was noted as saying Brown has few accomplishments and is relying on his race to win the 2014 primary. Gansler, who purportedly was a defender of Civil Rights during his tenure in office, appears to be opposed to them when a politician running against him is of another race. To make matters worse Gansler’s running mate Jolene Ivey staked out a claim of her own in this racism dialogue. The first few words from her when chosen to run for lieutenant governor were: she is a Trayvon Martin mom. Race appears to be on the minds of both of these candidates for higher office. Gansler was the first Maryland Attorney General to establish a Director of Civil Rights position within his department. The question is whose Civil Rights were being monitored. His Voting Irregularities Task Force was setup to ferret out voter suppression throughout Maryland. One must suspend disbelief to believe any Maryland voters were stopped from casting their ballots. Obviously the present Attorney General was pandering to 30% of the state who are of the black culture. If there is any suppression of voters’ rights in Maryland Afro-Americans are the least affected. Gansler’s attempt to bring attention to himself can be observed in the many high profile legal cases he brings to the forefront. His stance on issues has the stench of far left politics. As a physician who has been through the milieu of professional and political assassination by Gansler and his minions, he appears not to care if a legal case has credence only that it is media worthy. Recently the Maryland State Education Association overwhelmingly supported Brown in his efforts to become Governor. Too many contradictions follow Douglas Gansler in his crusade to move up the food chain. Needless to state, his present temperament on race contradicts his prior profile and its scent has been picked up by many who are looking away from him and towards Anthony Brown. Gansler has stung many to justify his political position, now his own words are biting him back. Perhaps Douglas Gansler should reconsider his run for governor, it appears others have. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews. Author of Demons of Democracy which uncovers prosecutorial misconduct such as is attributed to the office of the present Attorney General and Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.,, Interviews=410-515-7858

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