Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking President ... J. D. Longstreet

The Incredible Shrinking President
A Humiliating Debacle For America
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


Well, Obama just finished off what little was left of America's credibility around the world.

As we have said so often before, he is the least qualified President we have ever had.  He just proved it.

No amount of excuses from the left will cover the fact that Obama blinked. Hell, he didn't just blink, he ran.  Putin and Assad must be bent double in laughter at Obama's high-stepping, backwards, away from a fight.

The national honor of the US has just suffered a tremendous blow.  We will pay for it for decades to come. 

I sincerely hope Bibi Netanyahu and the nation of Israel understand they are on their own with Iran.  Any influence Obama may have had in any kind of negotiations with Iran is totally gone. Now that Iran has seen just how serious a threat from this administration really is, they have zero fear and, I suspect, perceive this all as a green light for the go ahead to compete their nuclear program so they can attack Israel and the US with nuclear weapons as soon s possible. (When a US coastal city goes up in a mushroom cloud Americans will know where to place the blame.)

I hope the Israelis will take the bit firmly in their teeth now and go ahead and do what must be done to save the world from Iran.  It is clear there is no longer a US with the character, the intestinal fortitude, the guts, the cahones, to lead the world any longer.

It is fairly certain the Congress will NOT give Obama the OK to attack Syria.  Why? Well, it might be because some 80% of Americans don't want to attack Syria.  Most of us cannot define a single American interest in Syria.  Most of us understand there would be no victory in Syria.  And, frankly, many of us are tired of having our military used as some sort of political bludgeon.

And how must Secretary of State John Kerry feel now?  I mean, his boss just made a complete blithering fool of him before the entire world.  Does he resign?  Should he resign?  And he gave up a safe seat in the US Senate to become Obama's fool.  

In any event, Congress will not return to Washington for about another week.  Understand, nothing says thy must place a debate on military action against Syria at the top of their "to do" list.  You can bet the phone lines and the Capitol Hill switchboard  will be red hot as will their email inboxes.

In the meantime, a President the press is already trying to paint as the target of all sorts of humiliation, did not retire to the Oval Office to contemplate his next move to gain congressional approval for an attack on Syria. No.  He sped off to the golf course at Ft. Belvoir.  See, he is sure he WON'T get Congressional approval and with this move he can extract himself from the corner he painted himself into months ago with his over active mouth pronouncing "red line" markers.

It is extremely difficult for those of us on the right side of the political spectrum to believe that a president could deliberately make such wrong-headed decisions.  It is hard to wrap our minds around the possibility that a man could deliberately do what Obama has done to America.  And yet, there it is. He has taken America from the pinnacle to the gutter in four and a half years -- and played golf or was on vacation for a good portion of the time.

Can there be any doubt, any doubt at all, that under Obama's leadership America is headed down the same route as the city of Detroit?  When a nation's leader treats the nation as a banana republic, that nation will become a banana republic. 

I am shamed by the actions of my President today.  Shamed and humiliated.  I am also angry.  I'm angry that the electorate saw fit to give the man another four years to destroy the work it has taken some 238 years to build. 

Up to this past weekend, Americans had decades of work ahead of us repairing the damage Obama had already done.  After his cowardly actions of backing down from Assad and Putin, it will take at least a century to claw our way back. -- if we ever can.

© J. D. Longstreet

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