Saturday, July 13, 2013

Reaching Outside the Conservative Choir

We conservatives spend so much time preaching to fellow conservatives, we need to develop ways to get beyond our comfort audience. Here is an idea; Reaching those that need to be reached the most, the vast majority of 20-30 year olds are not being reached through websites or channels like FaultlineUSA, they don’t care. We need to reach them via channels and interests that they do care about. That is why I am prosing this idea focused on skiing and snow boarding.

Comparing the failure of South Lake Tahoe, an over regulated government controlled town devastated by decisions of the government, to the comparatively free market environment of Bend Oregon during the same time period, 2000- 2010.

The economic collapse aside! - the impact is clear. I lived through it and I know the facts of South Lake Tahoe destruction. Target audience: skier and snow boarding community. The target age group that needs to understand the effects of centralized government control.

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