Tuesday, July 16, 2013

George Zimmerman's Pyrrhic Victory

George Zimmerman’s Pyrrhic Victory


Recently a Florida jury found George Zimmerman, the alleged murderer of Trayvon Martin, guiltless. Through political pressures, a mock trial in a kangaroo courtroom was held. Evidence was heavily weighted against the prosecution, yet they believed a moral imperative drove them to move ahead with this factitious case. Suggestions that the court was influenced by the Obama Administration to find any means to obtain a guilty verdict may have some legs. Prosecutors withheld pictures of Zimmerman’s beaten face from the defense. Judge Debra Nelson was less than kind to the defense attorneys and Zimmerman during this mock trial. Now that six jurors have found Zimmerman not guilty, based on a plethora of evidence in his favor, the afro-American community is seeking civil rights charges against him. Attorney General Eric Holder is searching for any means to bring these charges about. This case was never about race. FBI studied the actions surrounding Trayvon’s death and concluded race was not a factor. Media outlets, especially those leaning left, exploited this case to steer it in that direction. NBC edited recordings juggling Zimmerman’s voice to give the appearance he pursued Trayvon because of his Afro-American heritage. For this outright lie and other misrepresentations, Zimmerman has sued NBC. Now, the  hard part comes for him, survival.


Protests have erupted in many cities condemning the jury’s findings. Stirring the pot is Al Sharpton and his colleagues with hateful speeches, which squelch the true-facts in this case. Violent acts have occurred resulting in arrests in New York City, California and other locales. The Drama continues as the left-wing media continues to claim the circumstances surrounding Zimmerman’s actions were purely raced based and not self-defense. Sports figures and other celebrities have chimed in with perspectives that do not play well for Zimmerman. The charade this case is based on racism has even reached into the dark corridors and disturbed minds in the Obama Administration. The President has called for calm knowing his words will have a paradoxical effect on the crowds. The rule of law holds no value to these protesters and government officials unless they need its aegis to protect themselves. Al Sharton sought cover in the law many times when it was convenient for him. Sharpton’s present actions will fortify race hatreds and hurt many, but he continues to pound his fists for civil rights violation against the former defendant.   Zimmerman needs to find shelter away from the light of the media. Some have called for his death, others would like to see him hurt in some manner or form. My question to the public is: How would you have managed an attacker if he or she was pounding your head against concrete, had broken your nose, caused the rear of your head to bleed profusely and given you a possible concussion? Mark Davis, MD. President of Healthnets Review Services and Davis Book Reviews. www.healthnetsreviewservices.com. platomd@gmail.com, Author of Demons of Democracy and the forthcoming book, Obamacare: Dead on Arrival, A Prescription for Disaster.

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