Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lawyers: America's fifth column

Lawyers: America’s fifth column


Lawyers have undermined every institution and tradition that has made America great (ref: Demons of Democracy, 2011 Healthnets). The harm they have inflicted on this country is so egregious that mere words fail to express the full impact. Battalions of social science majors graduate yearly with degrees to nowhere. Many seek the safe harbor of a law school believing the road to success is a mere three years away, without considering the reality around them. Except for a few high end earners in each community, the rest struggle to justify the time they spent earning their degrees. Many seek the comfort and regular pay of government service, here is where they do the most damage. With no special talents in science, economics, health care, military management, religion, environment or sundry other fields they create and enforce draconian regulatory structure that benefits a few at the expense of many. Obamacare, as it has come to be known, was written end to end by lawyers to confound the health system not improve it. Environmental legislation that failed to pass in Congress, no problem for the legal profession, they simply embed the same regulations in treaties bypassing democratic procedures (reference Dick Morris’ book Screwed). From Wall Street to Main Street lawyers not only pump out the laws which continue to reduce freedoms, they are the enforcers. Prosecutors, by the thousands, have been less than honest with their judicial counterparts when presenting cases. Thousands have gone to jail, paid huge finds and in some cases spent an eternity by bars on false evidence. Duke Lacrosse debacle exemplifies the dishonesty embedded into the American prosecutorial system. Guess who manages the SEC, Lawyers. When Bernard Madoff made off with billions he had been under investigation from this fine unit of the government for years. The lawyers and only the lawyers stopped the revelations from surfacing about his activities, they even dropped the investigation. Lawyers are making billions defending illegals, with the taxpayer footing the bill. Every treaty they write gives the other party the benefit at guess whose expense. Perversion is part of their repertoire as they push homosexual marriage on the majority who believe it is a deviant form of existence. From dumb down education to weakening the military the hand of an ignorant lawyer is somewhere in the mix. Federal Government’s top four officials President, Vice President, Secretary of State and Attorney General each have the golden JD, the degree that has taken the best country on the face of the Earth and made us a joke around the World. Some new laws to look forward  to: 1) Owe taxes, you will not be able  obtain a passport, 2) removing the requirement for prescription drugs as exemplified by a 12 year old’s ability to obtain birth control pills over the counter, 3) government mandate to control your thermostat, 4) taxes levied by the number of miles you drive, 5) forced payment of taxes on all winning at casinos, 6) forced government inspections of your homes for “environmental” purposes yearly, 7) abbreviating physician education, 8) a universal code for internet usage so Obama can know all activities you perform in cyberspace, 9) national identification cards for everyone ( remember the Germans asking for “Papers” in Indiana Jones, its coming soon), 10) Government will test each individual and assign you the profession of their choice not yours (see Brave New World by Aldous Huxley). Alarming as these potential laws may sound they are not some pipe dream by this author, they are being floated in different sections of our government to make life more “efficient” for all. Lawyers, lawyers and more lawyers are challenging the very basis of our democracy and they must be reined in. In the Book Demons of Democracy the astounding case is delineated how America has been maneuvered into a type of socialized democracy, a model of which has failed all over the World. My question to the reader is: When will Americans say “enough is enough” and stop the impending catastrophe by these Demons of Democracy. Mark Davis MD author of the latter book that warned America, tyranny is at our doorstep directly caused by the “legal profession.”

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