Monday, December 03, 2012

Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections

As a person with a background in computer science, (1) I would not trust any voter system software to return reliable results as it could contain programming errors (it is almost impossible to prove that it does not), and (2) I could ensure that programmers design a voting machine system that would return any result that I wanted, and make it extremely difficult to discover this in the source code.  And if the malicious code is found, we could claim it was a programming mistake.  Therefore voting systems that rely on computer programs to determine election results should be banned as they have a huge potential for both inadvertent error and deliberate voting fraud.

In regards to voting:
(1) Everyone who wishes to vote must be registered to vote.
(2) Everyone who registers to vote must show legitimate government-issued identification.
(3) Everyone who votes must present government-issued identification at the time of voting.
(4) There must be a physical record or artifact of every vote cast, such as a physical ballot.  (Electronic or digital records do not meet this criteria.)

Watch the following videos about programmer Clint Curtis' allegations that Rep. Tom Feeney approached him to create vote-rigging software for the Florida elections (I believe these events occurred in 2001 and earlier).

Link to video

Link to video "Murder Spies and Voting Lies 1" (uploaded in 2009)

Link to videos for Parts 2-6:
"Murder Spies and Voting Lies 2"
"Murder Spies and Voting Lies 3"
"Murder Spies and Voting Lies 4"
"Murder Spies and Voting Lies 5"
"Murder Spies and Voting Lies 6"

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