Thursday, November 08, 2012

Sit Back And Enjoy The Show

By Findalis
Monkey in the Middle

I have come to the conclusion that no matter what we say, what we do, Congress will do what they want.  We cannot stop the spending, the stupidity that why even bother?

In a couple of years people with AIDS will discover that under Obamacare their lifesaving drugs will be cut off.  They are too expensive and the money is needed for Planned Parenthood and Free Abortions.  Speaking of Abortions, women will be told how many children they can have and forced to Abort the ones the government decides is not "worthy" of life.  If your child is to be born with a birth defect or is mentally handicapped, it will be aborted for the sake of society.  To the elderly, forget about hip replacements (knees too), or open heart surgery.  They are too expensive and the lines on the lists will be so long that you will never be able to receive one.  Forget about long hospital stays either.  If you get sick, you will be sent home to die.  Cancer treatments are too expensive too.  There will be long waiting lists for what is now routine tests.  Soon the government will get you to wait until the cancer is too far along for you to survive.  This will be life under Obamacare.

But wait.  Under the Obama Regime the coal industry will be fully shut down.  Millions of Americans will be out of work from it and we will then import coal from Mexico.  The insanity of this is beyond comprehension.  The United States is the Saudi Arabia of coal.  And since coal will be scarce, and most electric plants are coal based, there will be rolling blackouts of the over aging electric grid.  Businesses will go under since they need a steady supply of electricity to function.  More layoffs.  And in the winter many elderly will freeze to death when they have no heat.  Thus eliminating their drain on the Healthcare system.  A win-win for the liberals.

And then there is the debt ceiling.  And how Congress is planning on raising it once again to $2.5 Trillion.  Each time Obama will want a bailout, to spend money, they will raise the debt ceiling until it the debt is $20 Trillion, $30 Trillion or G-d knows how high.  And the Stock Market will crash.  And crash hard.  Taxes will raise, first on the rich, then on everyone else.  The economy will be so bad that the currency will be worthless and hyper-inflation will ensue.  We will look like the Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe.  I wonder if Michelle Obama will use the US Treasury as her personal allowance the way Grace Mugabe, wife of Robert Mugabe does with the National Treasury of Zimbabwe.

Oh yes, the left will get everything they demanded.  Free food, free housing, free money, free healthcare, free phones.  And the US will go very deeply into debt.  And when the money runs out, it won't be to Obama and the Democrats the people will run to when everything is turned off.  No it will be to us Conservative they will go to.  They will cry like the spoiled children they are, and demand we fix the problem.

I only pray that we will be able to do so.

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