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Netanyahu Warns The World ... J. D. Longstreet

Netanyahu Warns The World
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


I count myself an observer of an historical moment on Thursday, September 27th, 2012.  I watched the Prime Minister of Israel warn the world that disaster was swiftly approaching and it would soon be upon the entire world if action isn't soon taken to stop Iran from producing a nuclear bomb.

Netanyahu laid his case against Iran before the world -- again!  And again -- the world looked away.

Mr. Netanyahu was eloquent, articulate, and compelling in his description of Iran's nearness to the realization of their quest for a nuclear bomb.  When he left the lectern at the United Nations, there could be no doubt, whatsoever, that notice had been served.

Israel just told the world, in as public a forum as there is on this planet, that there is a rogue nation among the community of nations on this globe, a rogue nation with murderous intent toward ALL the nations of the earth.  Netanyahu made it plain that that nation is Iran.  He described the threat to a "T."    And he made it clear, without saying it, that Israel was prepared to become the vigilante of the earth and remove the threat.

With the assistance of a visual aid, a sketch of an elementary "bomb," Netanyahu explained to his audience exactly where Iran is in their endeavor to create a nuclear bomb.  (The fools who made fun of the "cartoon bomb" missed the point entirely.  After the presentation of that particular prop, the whole world will forever associate "bomb" and "Iran" in a single thought.  For everyone who saw the speech or the photo, "Iran/bomb" is forever seared into their minds.  As someone who spent nearly thirty years of my life either in, or associated with, advertising, take it from me -- the use of that bomb sketch was a stroke of pure genius! Again, Netanyahu outsmarted the antisemites of the media and the world.)  

Watching and listening to Netanyahu, I was reminded of a parent tending to a child with a splinter in his finger that was going to have to be removed -- and it was going to hurt -- but the parent was going to remove that splinter, anyway, because if it was not removed then infection would surely set in and the tiny little splinter would become a problem for the whole body.

Much like a reluctant child, after having been told the splinter must come out, jerks his finger away crying, "NO!  Put a band-aid on it," the UN again opts for a band-aid.  But every time the child peeks beneath the band-aid -- the splinter is still there and the wound gets worse.

Netanyahu's speech to the UN was a set-up for a "told you so" moment down the road a ways.  Every single person in that auditorium knows a confrontation is coming as surely as sunrise tomorrow.  Even the Iranians know it.  In their religious zealotry, the Iranians welcome any action that will result in chaos. Worldwide chaos, for them, is even better for they are convinced that their Mahdi will return and together they will conquer the world for Islam.

When the balloon goes up, not a single nation on earth can say they were taken by surprise. 

What I believe we saw Thursday was a giant game of "Charade(s)" at the UN.  Was anyone shocked by the information Mr. Netanyahu laid out for them?  I daresay not a single person in the room.  Heck, I already knew as much as Mr. Netanyahu revealed --  from my own sources.  No.  I think what we saw was quiet acquiescence.

Look.  Much of the world understands that Iran is going to require a military solution.  The thing is -- THEY don't want to be involved!   They do not want to spend their blood and treasure, especially when the world has the global cop -- the US Military -- standing by, literally off Iran's shore.  Add to that the fact that one of the world's foremost military powers has all but offered to do the deed and save the world -- while saving themselves -- and you have a neatly wrapped Christmas present with a bow on top.
Without backup from the US, Israel must now decide between a nuclear or non-nuclear attack on Iran.  A non-nuclear attack will mean loss of Israeli aircraft and men, and, we are assured, only setback Iran's nuclear program two, maybe three, years. 

On the other hand, a single nuclear-tipped Israeli Jericho-3 missile exploding high in Iran's atmosphere emitting an electro-magnetic pulse, is capable of setting back Iran's nuclear program for DECADES with virtually no loss of Israeli lives, or aircraft, leaving the IAF at home -- ready and able -- to defend the people of Israel and deal with Iran's proxy armies to Israel's north and south.

Yes, there is a problem of collateral damage from an EMP blast over Iran.  My guess is that the armada of allied warships standing off Iran's shore would be dead in the water, at least until all their electronics were replaced. 

Which option would you choose?

The point is -- there are no easy solutions.  And as tough as it is today -- it will only get worse as Iran closes in on the bomb.

Netanyahu served notice to the world, Thursday, at the UN that, as difficult as it may be, Israel is going to do whatever it has to do to survive.

The world should expect no less.

J. D. Longstreet

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