Friday, October 26, 2012

Colin Powell and Farrakhan?

Colin Powell with Farrakhan

Photo by Adrian Creary

H/T to @JosephAGallant, a Twitter follower, who Tweeted this pic after reading our article yesterday, Oxymoron of the Year- Former U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell .

A Google search shows the above pic and another pic below which were taken at the Jamaica 50th anniversary Grand Gala.

Colin Powell Jamacian

Photo by Adrian Creary

Another gala pic of Colin Powell, Louis Farrakhan and Miss World Lisa Hanna was featured on the August 8, 2012 Rolling Stone:

Colin Powell and Louis Farrakhan confer with Jamaica's Minister of Culture (and former Miss World pageant winner) Lisa Hanna. Powell and Farrakhan, both of whom have parents hailing from the island, were among the foreign dignitaries in attendance at Monday night’s

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