Friday, September 14, 2012

Religious Kindergartners…..

By: J Robert Giles

“The first reaction to truth is hatred.” – Tertullian

Islamic Tolerance

Tertullian was an early Christian author back in the days when years were marked with only three digits but his words in the quote above could not be more fitting or accurate in their application today. With so many disgusting actions being taken on the part of a religion which demands respect where none has been earned, it’s easy to spot the hatred in their reactions.

Take a few seconds and a few deep breaths. Step back from the situation and try to look at it through a lens free of the smudges of politics and religion. Try to look at the tragic situation for what it truly is.

Four Americans are dead in a country that receives billions of our dollars every year. They are dead because the people who live in that country are upset about a movie made here in the United States. The movie depicts the Prophet Mohammed in what most would agree is an unfavorable light.

That’s it. That’s the catalyst for four American deaths. That’s the reason that this morning we are forced to view photos of two different American embassies in the Middle East flying the flag of al Qaeda rather than the stars and stripes. Our own flags lie shredded and smoldering on the ground as throngs of angry Muslims chant “we are all bin Laden.” (I guess bin Laden’s not dead, huh Biden? Should we check the pulse of GM while we’re at it?)

Okay, now add politics back into it. Add your own anger back into the situation. Stand up and show the anger and disgust that your very own President refuses to show. Stand up and slap the notion of Islam being a “religion of peace” down to the ground and then stomp on that notion until its future mention is tantamount to political suicide.

Islam is not a peaceful religion. Islam is a religion of force and the only way to stop it’s advance is to respond with equal force. Our current President is too weak to see things that way. He’s too weak or he’s too loyal to the Islamic education with which he was raised. Whatever his reasoning, it’s destructive, it’s dangerous, and it is enabling our enemies.

Stand up. Stand up and demand that our President stop demanding tolerance and forgiveness in the wake of American deaths. Stand up and demand leadership from a President who has only displayed appeasement thus far. We deserve better. We deserve leadership, strength, and a devout adherence to the core values of this great country. We DO NOT deserve a President who, upon hearing of the deaths of four Americans on American soil within the Middle East; spends more energy and time attacking the words of his political opponent than he spends attacking those responsible for the murders.

In fact, it doesn’t matter what we deserve. We need a President who doesn’t try to twist the facts of horrific events to fit his ideology but rather confronts evil, no matter what the motivation for evil’s presence, with steadfast resolve. We deserve a President who demands that those who receive generous aid from the United States of America understand that the freedoms we enjoy are what makes that aid possible. We also need a President who is willing to step up to the plate and condemn actions that leave American Ambassadors dead.

Did anyone else notice the complete absence of the word “condemn” from the half-hearted speech delivered in the Rose Garden by His Barackness yesterday? Did anyone notice the absence of anger? It seemed like he was told he “had to” deliver a speech before he got to go on his trip to Vegas. Like he “had to” mourn the loss of American life before he could go have fun.

Did anyone notice the loyal handbag Chihuahuas in the media lobbing questions at Romney spoken in the deceitful tongue of Obamanese? Did anyone notice that Romney actually took the time to answer questions after delivering what was pretty obviously a heartfelt message while Obama took no questions and was probably on his way to Vegas before the reporters could even finish compiling their notes?

Stand up dammit! Stand up and demand better. Stand up and assert logic where none is present. Stand up and demand accountability where manipulation rules. Stand up and defend yourself against a religion who condones death and violence when their “feelings are hurt.” Grow up @$$holes!! If your prophet gets his feelings hurt this easily, then maybe it’s time you start following a stronger one.

Right now, we have the ruling party of Egypt informing the United States that we must abandon our Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and religion in order to appease “one and a half billion Muslims.” Guess what, Egypt… have absolutely ZERO right to demand anything of America but you sure as hell don’t get to tell us who to prosecute based upon your beliefs. No matter how much President Obama may wish it to be so, Islam has absolutely no place in the history or values of this country. We are not in a symbiotic relationship. We are enemies and their attacks on our soil have solidified this fact.

This idea that the world owes Islam anything is ridiculous. It’s time for a President who will stop coddling these people. Barack Obama demanded praise for toppling Egyptian President Mubarak, but he had absolutely no clue and no plan for those who succeeded him. It appears that the Muslim Brotherhood did have a plan and we are now seeing its implementation.

By the way, did anyone know that Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, wife of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner (of Weiner-Gate fame) is a devout Muslim with undeniable ties to the Muslim Brotherhood? Check for yourself, it’s true. They’re infiltrating and we’re allowing it. We’re giving a voice within the framework of our government to the very people who want us dead.

Demand better America. Never forget the fact that all of this occurred on 9/11 either. If you believe that to be a coincidence, I have a lot of stuff I’d like to sell you!

As always, thanks for playing and GOD BLESS!

J Robert Giles

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