Saturday, September 22, 2012

Is Major War Now Imminent?

Judging from the anger being stoked by Islamic leaders in response to the film "Innocence of Muslims," I would say that the overall effect will more than likely result in a major attack or attacks on the interests of the United States, and potentially the West in general (factor in the Muhammad cartoons that were recently published in France).  I am not speaking of protests at Embassies and Consulates.  I am talking about significant terrorist attacks against our citizens, which will most likely precipitate a major conflict.

In the back of my mind I wonder if we were not being shaped into this war ever since September 11, 2001.  Or perhaps even earlier.

I have watched our leadership deliberately refer to Islam as the "religion of peace," which is not true.  To the follower of Mohammad, peace will only be achieved once Islam rules over the entire world.  Until then, they are instructed by their god and prophet to spread their religion by the sword.

Our leadership has bent over backwards trying not to offend Muslims.  In a word, it is a policy of appeasement.  Now we are on the verge of being subjected to laws that will limit our freedom of speech and thereby allow a very intolerant religion to continue to advance, unchallenged.  We are, in effect, accepting Islam as a truth that cannot be ridiculed or disputed.

Our leadership has deliberately ignored documents that clearly state the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to overthrow our government and destroy our way of life.  Today we see Muslim Brotherhood operatives advising members of the Executive Branch of our government.  They have the command and control structure established in America to facilitate coordinated attacks on our soil.  We assist the Muslim Brotherhood obtain power in nations such as Egypt, Libya and Syria, which is opening Pandora's box so that we can watch expansionist Islam rise out of its dark depths.

It is almost as if we are being brought to the very limits of our patience, which will explode with another jihadist attack on our nation.  A spark has set the Islamic world on fire with rage against us.  Movie, cartoon, or something else, the spark does not matter.  The spark will be found one way or another and it is only a matter of time before they sally forth to avenge their prophet.

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--Against All Enemies

Disclaimer: These opinions are solely my own, and do not reflect the opinions or official positions of any United States Government agency, organization or department.

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