Saturday, September 29, 2012

Appeasement and Betrayal

By outlawing the criticism of Muhammad, a man who lived over a thousand years ago, and his ideology, Islam, we are appeasing the followers of that ideology and contributing to our own destruction.

In the 1930's, the world feared Adolf Hitler and appeased him by giving up land.  They thought this would satisfy him and bring peace to Europe.  They were wrong.  By giving in to his demands, they were only emboldening him and feeding his evil desires.

Now we are faced with a similar evil, but this time it is manifesting itself as an ideology wrapped in a religion that must be respected.  To appease its ravenous desires, we are not sacrificing land, however.  We are sacrificing our liberties, which is much more insidious, and ultimately more dangerous.

The first liberty we are sacrificing is our Freedom of Speech.  Laws are now in the works, most notably at the United Nations, that will forbid the insulting of the prophet of Islam, Muhammad.  Should we ratify any such law, it will become Islam's point of penetration into the very fabric of our society, tearing past the defenses established by our Constitution and allowing Islamic ideology to attack all our institutions with relative impunity.

You see, Islam is a totalitarian ideology, established by their prophet, which dictates all aspects of life and government.  Should you criticize the ideology, you are ultimately criticizing Muhammad.  Thus their ideology will be beyond reproach, and will slowly and steadily destroy the institutions of freedom we hold so dear.  It will be the loss of our ability to speak out against it that will seal our doom.

Considering these proposed blasphemy laws, what if you are found guilty of criticizing Muhammad or his ideology?  What then?  Will it be a fine?  Will it be imprisonment?  Or will it be your beheading, as devout Muslims so vocally demand?

Do you see where this is going?  This is a means to an end to destroy our freedoms and our way of life.  It will begin with the loss of our voice, our ability to acknowledge, speak out against, and resist this evil.  It will be given a free pass in our nation to trample us underfoot...unopposed.

I will not defend the content of the movie "Innocence of Muslims," nor the way that it was presented.  But I will defend that individual's right under the First Amendment of our Constitution to say what he did.  Just as I will the individual who created the "Piss Christ."  Do I like either one--no.  But, should an individual be forbidden to express such things, what is to stop someone from forbidding me to speak my mind?  This, my friend, is the road to tyranny.

If our government is given the authority to determine which speech is allowed and which is forbidden, then they can outlaw dissent against the government.  Should this occur, we will all suffer under the tyranny that has risen within our borders.

--Against All Enemies

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