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Gun Control Secrets from Sweden

SwedishGuns Apparently Sweden not only has extremely strict gun control laws, but Sweden maintains a great deal of control over what the media reports concerning crime - especially when the crime involves guns. Sweden just doesn't like Swedish gun crime to be reported.

"Swedish Rape and assault rates are over twice as high as the American ones!" (See Daniel Hammarberg articles below)

Interestingly, Wikipedia points out that quite a few crimes in Sweden go unreported:  "Many crimes go unreported. According to studies, only 22% of those affected by violence reported the offence to the authorities, and about 50% of those affected by vandalism. . ."

Additionally, Wikipedia shows that Sweden's strict gun control hasn't improved the homicide rate from that of other countries with less gun control.

"Stockholm's reported homicide rate is on par with most capitals, with around 3 annual homicides per 100,000 inhabitants . . . In a 1996 research study of 11 industrial countries, 24% of Swedes themselves stated they had been affected by a criminal act (close to the average rate for all countries surveyed)."

Daniel Hammarberg is a Swedish national and prolific writer, video maker, and author of The Madhouse: A critical study of Swedish society. He wrote an article, Swedish Gun Laws and Globalist Confiscation Schemes, which connects Swedish gun control with Globalist gun confiscation.

(This little excerpt is of great interest to gun-loving American "Cowboys." Neither Sweden , nor the U.N. wants the world to know this.)

  . . .Though most people would consider these laws outright draconian, there are plenty of calls for even more strict legislation; something that just as in the USA also takes place in Sweden when there's a tragedy involving guns . . .

. . .Even With Gun Control, Criminals Still Own Guns
In spite of the tyrannical control of firearms, this has had little effect on the explosion in the violent crime rate the country has been suffering from during the last couple of decades, with a homicide rate that's now at an historic all-time high, with 333 reported cases during 2010, or about 2/3 of the American rate; rape and assault rates are over twice as high as the American ones.

Wave of shootings baffle Swedish police 

Associated Press - 05 Jan 2012

STOCKHOLM (AP) — A new wave of execution-style shootings in Sweden's third largest city has left police puzzled, raising concerns that Malmo has become a magnet for gang-related killings.
On Thursday dozens of police took to the streets in the southern Swedish city of 250,000 to try calm the public and to collect tips about the attacks, which come only a year after a suspected serial shooter was arrested there. . .

Sweden and its gun laws.. soon imposed on the whole world through the UN

By hammarberg

As if the gun laws that are in place in Sweden aren’t bad enough, now the politicians are in the process of making them even worse. To summarize the state of things now, these are a couple of facts about the Swedish weapons law (vapenlagen):

    * You need to state the specific purpose for which you need a weapon, and the government has to approve of the purpose and the intended weapon.
    * You need to register as a gun owner and have all your guns individually registered.
    * The government can revoke your permit at any time without having to state a reason, and you have to allow the police access to the specially regulated storage locker you keep your weapons in at any time.
    * Handguns are almost impossible to get permits for, and you have to be a member of a sports club and be an elite athlete. Any kind of automatic weapon is impossible to own unless you’re in the military.
    * If the police finds you in possession of a loaded firearm of any kind, you’re facing a minimum of six months in prison, quite a long sentence in the Swedish penal system.
    * Even simple pepper sprays require permits that are almost impossible to get.
    * A history of psychiatric treatment may very well make it impossible for you to get any kind of a permit.

What’s new now is that they’re attempting to make it a mandatory requirement to go through a psychiatric evaluation when applying for a permit, in the government proposal Ds 2010:6, “Some matters concerning the weapons law.” When the proposal was circulated to the trade union of doctors, naturally they endorsed it. Who can refuse extended authority and better job security through more work?

Though only Sweden is quite this mad when it come to gun laws, this might come to an area near you in the future. The Swedish government has been quite vigilant in its work with the UN in proposing international law in this area, which among other thing has resulted in the firearms protocol detailed in UN resolution 55/255.

For a more extensive study of Swedish society, including its gun laws, get my book “The Madhouse” at Amazon, or simply have a look at the video clip I made last year about the Swedish gun laws: Youtube link

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