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America's Malaise Is BACK! ... J. D. Longstreet

America's Malaise Is BACK!
The Misery Index Is Rising
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet

The dictionary defines malaise as: "an indefinite feeling of debility or lack of health often indicative of, or accompanying the onset of, an illness ... ."

Malaise in an individual is bad.  Malaise in a nation can be fatal.

America is currently mired in the worst case of malaise in my lifetime.

I've been around since FDR was President.  I have experienced American national malaise twice in my lifetime.  Both times it was during the administrations of Democratic Party Presidents.

The first case of American malaise (in my lifetime) was under the administration of the 39th President of the United States -- Jimmy Carter.  It was BAD.

I was trying to run a business -- and it was pure hell.  All business could do was hunker down and wait for a flicker of light at the end of that very long and very dark tunnel. 

When it came, it was not a flicker -- it was a sunburst by the name of Ronald Reagan.

America came roaring out of her national depression and raced back to the to the top -- turning on all the lights as they went  -- illuminating "the shining city on a hill."

Now, under the Obama administration (another Democratic Party President) here we are -- in  an even deeper national depression -- or malaise -- than we were even under Jimmy Carter.  This time -- there is no Ronald Reagan waiting in the wings. In my opinion THAT is why THIS malaise is even deeper than Carter's.  We just don't see the promise in Mitt Romney that we saw in Ronald Reagan.

Having said that, allow me to say that it is not Romney's fault.  NOBODY can live up to Reagan.  And no one can come anywhere near matching the legend of Reagan.  Reagan was one of a kind.  We will likely never see another Ronald Reagan -- and THAT, I believe is adding to the depth of our national malaise.

Understand: national malaise is what happens to people when they are saddled with socialism.  THIS is IT.  And it only gets worse until socialism is thrown off and people can breath free again. 

Let me be clear.  Liberalism is one thing.  Socialism is entirely another -- and what we have in the Oval Office in Washington, DC is a socialist President with a socialist agenda and a socialist Democratic Party in charge of the US Senate, which is hell bent on destroying America. Period!

To top if all off, if we don't catch a break, we're going to have a socialist Supreme Court -- very soon -- and THAT will be the end of America.

Any day now, I expect to awaken and find women with babushkas covering their heads glumly sweeping the streets of the silent cities of America.  (If you didn't get this -- think 1950's Soviet Socialist Russia ... or just Google it.)

There is a sense of impending doom in America.   The expectation that Obama will somehow pull a rabbit out of his hat and win a second term as America's President has blunted the enthusiasm and the energy of America's right.  No.  There is no joy in Mudville.

Look around, dear reader.  THIS is what you get when you elect a socialist to lead a capitalist nation.  THIS is what you get when you elect socialists to Congress. And don't kid yourself, Obama and his cadre of communists have only begun!  Given a second term he WILL finish the job.  He WILL take America to the outhouse of history.

Eighty-six percent of Americans do not believe their children will have a better life in America than they.  That bit of earth shaking info came recently from one of America's leading polling companies.   I believe it. 

Try as they might, Americans cannot see a clear path, an optimistic path, into the future for their children.  They know that, no matter what happens November 6th, their kids are already saddled with crushing debt that will smother their future and short circuit their plans for a happy, prosperous, life for themselves and their families.

Like the mercury in a thermometer held near a flame the "Misery Index"  continues to rush upward as Obama's socialist government binds Americans ever tighter to central oversight of every facet of American life.

There is not a moment of the day that Americans can feel truly alone.  We are monitored twenty-four hours a day by the government -- for our safety and security, of course.   If you believe that lie, I have a bridge -- on sale this week.

For America to survive it is imperative that we take back the government from those who intend the destruction of the republic.  Make no mistake about it -- that is exactly their agenda.

Mitt Romney is not Ronald Reagan,
but he has made himself available and offered his business experience to, at least, get America back on track again.
America's Malaise Is BACK!  It is a given that no one president can undo the damage the Obama Administration has wrought on America. THAT will take generations.  I have concluded, in the past few weeks, that Romney can do three things.  He can replace Obama in the Oval Office -- he can slow America's slide into oblivion -- and he can prepare the foundation upon which our recovery must be built over the coming decades.

If Providence smiles on America and Romney wins, understand, it will be a long, difficult, journey back.  Some Americans do not believe just how close to disaster and complete collapse the country is today.  Rescuing America will require a massive effort over many decades.  Yes, we are THAT close to disaster.

Watching Romney stand before the people of Israel, last weekend,  and observing the connection between the Israeli people, the leaders of Israel, and Romney, it was clear that in THIS election the choice for America is clear and definitive.  To SAVE America, and to RESTORE America, electing Romney is absolutely crucial. 

On November 6th the choices for America  are clear:  Romney -- or -- Destruction.

J. D. Longstreet

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