Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Victory Celebration That Was Neither…..

By: J Robert Giles


“As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now let us show them we can fight like men also.”  - Thomas Jefferson


Every fiber of my being tells me I should be furious right now, but quite frankly; fury is not the emotion that comes to mind. Of course I’m never happy when His Barackness is given reason to celebrate but my general mood simply doesn’t match the level of fear I’ve held in anticipation of this day for the last two months. Maybe it’s the fact that I just returned home from a wonderful vacation with my entire family, or maybe it’s the fact that Obama’s celebration, as is the case with so much of his presidency, seems cheap and insincere. It’s as if he knows this victory is not really a victory.

The overall response to the Supreme Court’s decision today is confusion. I do not appear to be alone in my bewilderment. Those of us who had prepared for anger and revolution in response to the ruling we were handed this morning find ourselves in possession of contradictory emotions. We know at our core that ObamaCare is a bad thing. We are intelligent enough to know that the sight of a celebrating Obama is never a good thing. We’ve been conditioned to know that Obama’s celebrations usually mean devastation and misery for those of us on whose behalf he claims victory. A perfect example of this would be the arrogance with which Obama said in response to the SCOTUS ruling that “…now is the time to keep our focus on the most urgent issue of our time….putting people back to work…..” Apparently His Barackness believes the Catholic Church was bluffing in their promise to close all Catholic Hospitals in this country if forced to obey an “unjust law.” Apparently, Obama defines victory for the 765,894 employees of those hospitals as entry into the community of victimization known as unemployment. Those people, in Obama’s mind, must suffer for their insubordination and stubborn indignation in their opposition to his brilliance. Three quarters of a million people out of work is a mere grain of sand on a beach compared to the number of jobs companies will be forced to scrap in order to pay for this bill. But who really won today? Did Obama really win as his openly displayed arrogance would seem to suggest. The answer is an emphatic “NO!”

Obama did not win. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be hoodwinked any more. Don’t let the celebrity laden celebrations fool you. Don’t let the reaction of hospital administrators fool you either. Their celebration is strictly financial and has absolutely nothing to do with the healthcare YOU will receive in the future. The only celebration to be found in the executive levels of major hospitals today is the hope that they will soon be recouping millions of dollars in previously “uncompensated care.” The flood of “newly insured” patients clogging the arteries of our nation’s healthcare facilities is the elephant in the room. It’s a topic almost impossible to discuss without shades of racism but it’s a certain future. Despite the liberal pleasing agony that is sure to come, it’s still not a victory for Obama.

Today’s ruling is not a victory for Obama in the fact that this whole hearing and ensuing speculation has revealed that it is wildly unpopular among voters. It will be very hard for Obama to win on a campaign of “I passed the biggest tax increase in American history.” It will be very difficult for Obama to win in November after what is sure to be four solid months of logical dissent. People who are currently cheering the ruling are doing so because they don’t understand its impact. Four months is a long time to educate those people. By saying it was “definitely not a tax” in the beginning but then pitching the law as a “tax” to the Supreme Court, liberal lawyers won the battle but lost the war. They handed over the White House to Mitt Romney. Plain and simple. Obama swore there would be “no tax increases” during his presidency and he has now championed the largest in history. His “victory” has exposed him as a liar once more. The fact that he did not use the word “tax” one single time in his response to the ruling should tell you how much he fears the backlash. The fact that money is now pouring into the Romney campaign should tell you how America feels. This “victory” that Obama is celebrating today is like a football team celebrating a win in which every starter was injured. The American people do not want this law. Whether it’s a tax or not, it’s not what we want. Obama is publicly celebrating the fact that he’s exerting his will over all of us and it is going to come back and bite him in his lying ass in November.

Many of you are calling for the execution of Justice Roberts’ career today and at first glance I was right there with you. However, after reading his decision, it’s painfully obvious that Justice Roberts is playing for a much bigger victory than the one Obama’s insincerely celebrating today. Justice Roberts was expected to uphold the opinion of the party for whom he was appointed to represent in battles like this. People, he did just that. It’s not easy to see right now through the haze of anger and celebrating political foes, but Justice Roberts just gave Romney every piece of ammunition he will need to evict Obama and his insane ideology from the White House in November. Justice Roberts also forced the repeal battle back into Congress where it can be argued on a political stage. Advantage Republicans. The bill is likely to become even more unpopular as more and more people realize that it is in fact a tax as we’ve said all along. Clips of Obama lecturing his interviewers who dared to call the penalty for not having health insurance a “tax” will be played from now until November 6th and they will only serve to prove that this man is an incompetent, deceptive, liar. Those in Congress who choose to side with Obama during the inevitable Congressional repeal process will do so in public and at their own peril. Justice Roberts, while unpopular today, may have just delivered what we are all really asking for. He forced Obama to celebrate something that voters hate. He forced the Obamanites in Congress to publicly display their constituent crushing loyalty. This ruling, while unpopular on its surface is a good thing.

While we are all a little disappointed in the Supreme Court today, it must be pointed out that they did their job. The way the argument was presented to them during the hearings left them no choice but to uphold the law. The fact that the liberals swore it to be anything but a tax in 2009 bears no relevance in their decision. Their job was to evaluate the facts as they were presented to them. If we wanted the “tax” issue taken out of the argument, we should have hired better lawyers. We didn’t and now this is the battle we face. Luckily, Justice Roberts is in fact on our side and he has arranged for this battle to be fought on our home field. He has arranged for this battle to take place against the backdrop of a Congress that has failed to pass a budget even once during Obama’s presidency. He’s arranged for this battle to take place prior to the election, not after as Obama so desperately wanted. One way or another, the support Obama needs to truly “win” is going to be noticeably absent when called to action. Even more importantly, the gift of Justice Roberts’ decision will force fools like Pelosi, Rangel, and Reid to publicly execute themselves…..on the record…..for all the world to see. A repeal vote is coming before the Presidential election, folks. It could come as early as next month. How will the quivering little handbag Chihuahuas protect themselves and their careers without denouncing their golfing God? When asked to choose between their own political futures and Obama’s, who do you think they will choose?

Like I said in the beginning of this article, I know I should feel angry today, but I just don’t. Despite the celebrations of my opponents today, I feel victorious. I feel like the kid who gets the keys to his dream car on his fifteenth birthday. Can’t drive it yet. Have to watch as others enjoy the thrill of my gift but eventually, that car will be mine. Eventually, this country will be free from the insane ideology of Barack Hussein Obama and Justice Roberts deserves some of the credit for that glorious and rapidly approaching day.

As always, thanks for playing!

J Robert Giles

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