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The United Nations and the One World Government

When the world is viewed through the lens of traditional nation-state behavior, very little seems to make sense these days.  For example, why is the world so enraptured with "global warming" and "climate change," two problems based on specious evidence?  Why is Islam, the most intolerant and violent ideology on the planet, being actively assisted by the world community to acquire more power?  Why is Christianity under direct and ever-increasing assault in America?  Why are the forces of the United States and its Allies being employed in ways that are not in their best national interest?

I have come to the conclusion that what we are seeing is a deliberate attempt to bring humanity under the control of a One World Government.  Its creation would be a fitting historical bookend to Nimrod's construction of the Tower of Babel during another time when humans rebelled against God, rejected His Word, and sought to do things their way.  Today, we increasingly see a rejection of God's Word for an increasing reliance on ourselves to achieve our own salvation.  This will only end in destruction, and could possibly be leading to the End of Times as relayed to us in the Book of Revelations.

The Tower of Babel
(Please reference Genesis 9:1-17 and 11:1-9)

In the days after the Flood, the Lord instructed Noah and his descendants to "Be fruitful and multiply.  Fill the earth."  (Genesis 9:1)  The Lord also established a covenant with humans promising that he would never again destroy mankind with a flood, placing his signature in the sky as a rainbow to forever remind us of this covenant.  

However, humans under the reign of Nimrod in the area of Babylon refused to scatter and fill the earth, instead seeking to remain where they were and build a tower so that they would make themselves "famous" and prevent their scattering--all in direct opposition to the will of God.  Jewish tradition as relayed by Josephus also describes that through his “leadership” Nimrod turned the people away from God by creating in them the fear of a non-existent problem--that God would flood the world again, even though God made a covenant with humans that he would not.  Therefore, the people had to trust in Nimrod and the construction of a tall, water-tight tower to protect them from God's wrath.  By creating this fear and turning the people from God, he was able to create what was perhaps the very first tyrannical government after the Flood.

Similarly today, we see fear of a non-existent problem being stirred up in humans--the fear of a global catastrophe brought on by "climate change.”  Because humans the world over stand accused of creating the climate change that will bring disaster to our entire planet, this situation will require a world-wide government to control the behavior of all humans in order to stave off our impending doom.  And thus we see the return of the “Tower of Babel” in another device used to frighten humanity into voluntarily accepting its submission to human tyranny in the form of a One World Government.

Mechanism for Control

So at this point let us assume that the establishment of a One World Government is already underway.  For a government, especially a tyrannical one, to function properly, it needs a mechanism to control its subjects that is appropriate to the scope of its duties and the size of the population it seeks to dominate.  As evidenced within “Agenda 21” planning, the One World Government seeks nothing less than total control of humanity.  However, the human population is enormous and growing, so one must subdivide the population into more manageable groupings and work to reverse the growth trend and actively seek its decline. 

Regional Groups

To attempt to control every independent nation of the world from a central point would be extremely difficult, for the span of control would be too great.  It would be much easier to rule a structure that consisted of a hierarchy of national groupings.  If you examine “Agenda 21” planning, they seek to force their ideas on individual nations through the use of intermediate, unelected regional organizations.  

We see evidence of this regionalization in the existence of organizations like NATO, the African Union, the European Union (EU), the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Organization of American States (OAS), and the theoretical (for now) North American Union.  If you consolidate the maps of all these regional organizations, the resultant map would cover almost the entire world, laying down a layer of intermediate control for the One World Government.

World Military Force

For a One World Government to enforce compliance with its polices and wield power, it must be able to employ military force.  When we examine the United Nations, it does not have a military force of its own, but must rely on member states to take military action on their behalf.  So if the UN is indeed in the process of increasingly consolidating power over the world unto itself, it will be seeking to have more control over the use of military force.

As centralized control increases, the use of unilateral military action to protect the critical interests of only one nation will be condemned.  Instead, action must be taken as a collective to force nations to submit to the will of the One World Government.  For instance, the actions of NATO in Afghanistan, Libya and potentially Syria, and African Union actions on their continent could each be argued as being conducted on behalf of the world body.

When you look at these operations, they are not always in the critical national interests of the states taking military action.  The actions in Libya and potentially Syria are being done with the purpose of deposing Arab autocrats and smoothing the way for the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and the eventual establishment of a Caliphate (to be further discussed in the next section).  So when you see military actions that do not clearly support national security, then perhaps that military force is being employed for the benefit of the United Nations for the maintenance of order within, and the expansion of, their system of global governance.

Islamic Ideology

The Islamic ideology is a curious element within the design of a One World Government, for it actually has the potential to greatly enhance that system.  This enhancement can be done in two ways: (1) the One World Government completely adopts the ideology as a control mechanism, or (2) uses the intolerance and inherent violence of the ideology to instill fear in the rest of the world who needs to rely on the One World Government to maintain order and provide protection.

I will begin with the characteristics of Islam that may lead the One World Government to choose it as the global ideology of control.  First, Islam is designed to be a perfect mechanism for the tyrannical control of humans.  Second, it has its own language (Arabic) intimately tied to it so that can potentially be used as a single world language.  Third, the followers of Islam are instructed to die for their ideology, which provides a ready source of “soldiers” and a useful tool to maintain control over the populations of the world.  Fourth, Islam teaches its followers to slay, convert, or subdue all non-Muslims over the whole planet, which reinforces point three.  Fifth, the followers of Islam are required to submit totally to the ideology.  What more would a One World Government need in an ideology to establish complete dominance?

The threat posed by the violence and intolerance of Islam gives the One World Government a second option to propagate fear amongst the world populations.  The World Government would then be called upon to impose peace and order on the world to prevent open warfare.  The only problem with this option is that the World Government would have to choose between defeating the ideology or forcing the rest of the world to tolerate it.   Based on this, I believe the World Government will adopt Islam as the ideology of world control.

America Must Submit (Or Be Destroyed)

America is the largest impediment to the creation of the One World Government.  First, it is currently the global superpower and enjoys its power.  Second, its citizenry are blessed with a number of freedoms that they will not freely surrender. Unfortunately, these freedoms are in opposition to the very nature of a world-wide control structure that would purposely not answer to the people of any nation.  Therefore, America must be forced to submit to the One World Government or face destruction.

Our belief in the unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness given to us by our Creator retard any attempt to establish a One World Government.  Our freedoms of speech and religion, and our right to bear arms, must be eliminated to properly impose a One World Government on the American people.  Our belief in hard work, being rewarded for that work, and then being able to enjoy the fruits of our labor does not fit a one world construct.  Our belief in and trust of the God of the Bible immediately creates a natural distrust and disapproval of even the idea of a One World Government (as you are witnessing here in these words).  Thus you see the deliberate attacks on Christianity to destroy these beliefs.  At the end of the day, if we do not surrender our freedoms voluntarily, the world must destroy us.

The enormous national debt, which appears to be growing exponentially, is a ticking time bomb that, when it explodes, could pull the rug out from under the strength of America.  Agenda 21 is attempting to force America to put the brakes on its free-market capitalism by voluntarily limiting its use of natural resources and  submitting to a One World Government-imposed set of irrational restrictions to combat a non-existent problem (climate change).  Islam is another weapon which can be employed to conduct attacks within America (up to and including nuclear attacks) and facilitate internal collapse.

Israel Must Be Destroyed

By its very nature, the establishment of a One World Government is human rebellion against the God of the Bible.   As the Chosen People of the Living God, Israel must be destroyed because their very existence is an insult to the human One World Government and its faith in human brilliance instead of God’s.  Today we are witnessing the forces that will be used in an attempt to destroy Israel being marshaled.  Once again, Islam provides the One World Government with a useful tool since the Islamic ideology demands the elimination of the Jewish people.  Therefore, Islam will be the primary mechanism used to effect the destruction of Israel.

Conclusion: Resist Tyranny

In my opinion, it is very likely that we are seeing the end of history approaching.  The establishment of a One World Government under the control of humans, and its inevitable failure, will be the final proof that we as humans do not know better than God, and that He is the One in charge of history.
Perhaps I am giving these folks and the idea of the creation of a One World Government too much credit, but I would rather assume the worst case than hope that the problem goes away on its own. 
With that being said, we must resist the establishment of a government that at its very core rejects God and His will.  We must resist a government that denies us our right to determine our own course, our right to have our own elected officials who are answerable to the people and no one else, and the right to enjoy our freedoms.  The One World Government seeks to rob us of these.  The One World Government is our enemy.

Disclaimer: These opinions are solely my own, and do not reflect the opinions or official positions of any United States Government agency, organization or department. 

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