Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Houla's Guernica will be Tehran's Waterloo

The following Op-Ed by Mark Langfan appeared in Arutz Sheva June 10, 2012

Iran’s mistake: Iran has believed its own press on its own Mahdistic invincibility, instead of calmly looking at the cold, hard numbers of the orders of battle in Syria. US elections are going to cause a denouement.

Picaso Guernica, Pablo Picasso, 1937, Oil on canvas
In memory of IAEA Inspector Seo Ok-seok (May he rest in peace) who I believe was murdered by Iran while in the active line of IAEA duty on May 8, 2012 in route inspecting Iran’s Arak Heavy Water Facility

World War II de facto started in Guernica in 1937, when Hitler, and his Luftwaffe, first field-tested his Blitzkrieg, and massacred hundreds of innocent women and children in support of the co-Fascist Franco in the Spanish Civil War. Pablo Picasso memorialized the horrors of Guernica in a painting now hanging in the Museo Reina Sophia, in Madrid.

The First Great Middle East War has de facto started in Houla in 2012 where Khamenei, and his al Quds Force, first field-tested his Execution-Krieg, and massacred over a hundred innocent Sunni women and children in support of his co-Shiite Assad in the Syrian Civil War. Ordinary Syrians with iPhones memorialized the horrors of Houla in actual pictures and videos now viewable on the Internet.

Tragically, Houla will pale in comparison to when Iran will start using Assad’s chemical, and maybe even biological, weapons to genocidally annihilate hundreds of thousands, if not, millions, of Syrian Sunnis.

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