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The Damage Already Done By Obamacare ... J. D. Longstreet

The Damage Already Done By Obamacare
A Commentary by J. D. Longstreet


What a mess!

Get used to those three words.  We are going to hear them rather a great deal in coming months and even years -- that is, of course, if the US Supreme Court overturns Obamacare (The so-called Affordable Care Act).  Even if "The Court," in its undefinable depth of wisdom, should manage to scrape up enough courage to overturn only the Health Insurance Mandate for all Americans, the damage already done to America and Americans, is going to be a heck of a surprise to a great deal of taxpayers and, uh, sick people -- not to mention the elderly.

Maybe its my built-in paranoia but I suspect the law itself was written with just such a circumstance in mind.  See, I believe the blow-back is supposed to hit those tampering with Obamacare right in the face.  And, rest assured -- it WILL.

Even those of us who scorned Obamacare, right from the beginning, and even BEFORE Obamacare when the Clinton's tried to give Americans the bum's rush with "Hillarycare" had little idea of the built-in contempt the authors had for anyone having the temerity to touch their socialist dream of Utopian health care.

The thing (Obamacare) is a booby-trap!  Actually, I find the word "Frankenstein" rather more appropriate to describe Obamacare.  It actually IS as a monster, which will turn on its creator(s).

The nation's government, your state's government, and YOU personally, are going to be adversely impacted by an overturned Obamacare.

Some private citizens will see an increase in their taxes, if Obamacare is overturned.  How?

Well, let me stir you to an article by RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR at  In the article the author says: "Partially overturning the law could leave hospitals, insurers and other service providers on the hook for tax increases and spending cuts without the law's promise of more paying customers to offset losses."  SOURCE:                

But how about you, in particular?  Well, if you happen to need insurance for a young adult "child" you will still be able to get it -- but it is going to cost you.  Mr. Alonso-Zaldivar says:  "Even if the Supreme Court overturns President Barack Obama's health care law, employers can keep offering popular coverage for the young adult children of their workers.

But here's the catch: The parents' taxes would go up."  SOURCE: 

Scary?  It gets worse.

Here we are in the middle of June 2012 and the US Supreme Court has said it will hand down its ruling on Obamacare sometime this month.  It could come at any day now.

So what if the Supreme Court upholds Obamacare?  Its not going to be pretty.  To simply say "its complicated" seems like a world class understatement.

Continuing the same article Mr. Alonso-Zaldivar writes: "The nation is so divided that states led by Republicans are largely unprepared to carry out critical requirements such as creating insurance markets. Things may not settle down."

What a mess!  (Told you!)

Nobody really knows how our Supreme Court will rule.  Many have speculated, based on the testimony before the court, that a ruling against Obamacare and a shutdown of the mandate that individual Americans have health insurance of their own or be fined by the government is the most likely outcome.

I, on the other hand, am not so sure.  In fact, if I were a betting man, I'd bet that the Court allows Obamacare to stand -- just as it is.

We have a court divided.  By that I mean we have a court which has, too often, been described as a "conservative court."  It is anything BUT a conservative court.  The Justices are split right down the middle with a lone Justice deciding a HUGE percentage of the cases.  For evidence consider all the five to four decisions in recent years.

No, I think the court will consider that the US stands practically alone on earth -- among the developed countries, at least,  as a country not providing a form of national health care to its citizens and they will decide to change that by finding Obamacare, in its entirety, constitutional.

It will make me, personally, very unhappy if they do, but hey -- there it is.

I am not a fan of anything that smacks of socialism and Obamacare is  a sparkling diamond tiara sitting atop a mound of rotting socialist agenda corpses.   Plainly put -- I hate socialized medicine.  I hate the very idea of it.

Obamacare is a symptom of just how low America has sunk.  Since the days of the FDR Administration Americans have been indoctrinated in favor of socialism.  Our youth have been taught to "settle," or "compromise," and choose something less that the best.  Individualism has been shamed out of the last two American generations and they have been molded, formed, into the apparatchiks of the state in much the same way the communist countries of Europe and Asia did it to their young-- incrementally -- a tiny bit at the time over decades.

It worked.  And they are not done yet.

Even if Obamacare is overturned by the Supreme Court the overall socialist agenda for America will be only slightly slowed.  Its mat-like tentacles are woven deep into the fabric of America's youth.  For them, socialism is preferable to capitalism and democracy -- and FREEDOM.  They have been indoctrinated in America's pubic education system that socialism IS the American Way.

For their generation the end has already been written.  They lose.  Everything.

Looking at America today, we are only getting a taste of what awaits us in the near future.  Believe me, Obamacare is only a tiny, tiny, portion of the
government take-over of the American citizen's life.

In the long run, the Court's decision on Obamacare will have little effect on the inevitable march of socialism in America.

J. D. Longstreet  



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